Author Topic: Rockbox works fine on Ipod Classic 120GB (Gen.6)  (Read 8678 times)


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Hi, here are good news for all MB-Friends and Ipod Classic 120GB User (Gen6). 

I use the Rockbox Firmware r31516 from EmCORE [].
After a slightly bumpy preinstallation method over "UMSboot",  the second stage of Installation (RockBox) was easy.

So I use MB with my Ipod Classic.
The directory structure was generated by the  tags and a search of a certain title is so much easier as by Apple.

The only problem was to find the correct USB-Driver for the Ipod.
I download the Itunes-exe and extract the file with 7Zip.
So I use the original Apple file: AppleMobileDeviceSupport64.msi

So I send Mediamonkey to retire and use only MB  ;D


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New to rockbox and mb.  Does this mean you have mb on  your ipod classic?  Or are you using mb as an interface to your ipod? Sorry for the noob question.
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Long time I try to sync my Ipod (120GB) with native MB. But that doesn't work.
Now, after change Firmware from Apple to Rockbox,  I organize my MP3/Flac with MB
and synchronize the songs and Podcasts directly with MB.

System PC = Win8.1 / Musicbee
System IPod = only Rockbock (No Apple Software)

Hope that clarify things :-)