Author Topic: (Request) One Click Show & Hide for the Main Window  (Read 319 times)


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Hi guys, I realize Sir Steven is quite busy but perhaps this new "One Click Show & Hide" option could be added in somehow/someday :-)

I am requesting please an option to single click show & HIDE the main window when you click on the MB icon in the system tray. Basically right now the option exists to click the little bee icon in the system tray and main window appears but what I am requesting is that when you single click it again this time the MB main window disappears back into the system tray (right now that does nothing). Winamp has/had a dll plugin for this called "One Click Show & Hide"... it's very practical to be able to simply click that sys tray icon to see the window and then click it again for it to disappear without having to move the mouse pointer all the way up to the minimize button. Like I said, we already have the first part, we just need the second part (the hide part) added :-)

Also, I want to say thanks to the MB developers for making this fine app. I am really enjoying it now that Steven figured out it was a bug that was preventing my custom tabs from being saved.