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Questions / Re: Love shortcut
Last post by karbock on Today at 11:17:17 AM   |  Started by Leviathan2049
* Open Preferences -> Shortcuts
* In the search bar, type 'love'
* You can then assign shortcuts of your liking to 'Rating Now Playing: Toggle Love' and 'Rating Selected Tracks: Toggle Love'
Questions / Love shortcut
Last post by Leviathan2049 on Today at 11:02:57 AM   |  Started by Leviathan2049
Hi all! do we have a shortcut for the Love function? If not, are we going to have it in future updates?
Thanks a lot!
MusicBee API / Re: Getting skin color question
Last post by Steven on Today at 10:48:54 AM   |  Started by boroda
the number includes an alpha component which would normally return a negative number. Maybe -1 wasnt the best choice
Use color.fromargb(value) to get the color
Screenshots / Re: Config/theme show off thread.
Last post by UNSUB522 on Today at 09:54:45 AM   |  Started by allforcarrie
Hii, this is how a year of using MusicBee looks like to Me (btw first post)
>My proposal to organize my Tracks, Albums and Artists by their respective Play Counts using
and other ascii symbols

Now Playing

What font did you use for the lyrics?
MusicBee API / Re: Getting skin color question
Last post by boroda on Today at 09:26:58 AM   |  Started by boroda
i can extend the api for v3.6
Setting_GetSkinElementColor(2,...) will return the button color
if it returns 0 then its an older MB version, and -1 indicates that windows native buttons are used

Steven, MB 3.6.8736 returns strange negative numbers for (SkinElement)2, both for foreground and background colors. maybe you meant "if it returns negative number other than -1 then its an older MB version"?
Normally I try to answer a question as asked, unless the method of operation doesn't make sense.
You are capable of navigating to albums within MusicBee itself. Why make it complicated by attempting to use Windows Explorer to play files?
MusicBee Wishlist / Re: About the organization of Libraries
Last post by frankz on December 10, 2023, 10:30:28 PM   |  Started by maikelagan
You should read the other thread that you responded to in its entirety.  Virtually everyone who considers multiple libraries and winds up realizing that filters work better and are more versatile (including me).

On your last point, unless you sync to and from, playback history is already separated by library.  Obviously if you're synching play counts from, has no way to know which library you played it from and can't report that back.
Questions / Rename folders and filenames automatically
Last post by Stjarna on December 10, 2023, 10:05:21 PM   |  Started by Stjarna
Hi everyone,

I installed MusicBee earlier today for the first time in quite some time, after trying a different player. Said player was insufficient though, so I'd like to get back to using MusicBee again.

I thought I had everything set up correctly, but MusicBee does not rename things automatically. I have an "incoming" folder which is monitored and that I add new stuff to, and I then want MusicBee to renames the files/folders according to this:

<album artist>\<album>\<disc-track#> - <title> move the album to my library location. But in doing so, the renaming does not seem to work, at least not the <album> folder. I'm pretty sure that it takes care of <disc-track#> - <title> correctly (but would need to check again). It also puts it under the right artist in my library so that seem to be working.

How do I set this up correctly? Do I have to tick the "auto-organize media library" in order to accomplish what I want to accomplish? The problem there is that I only want it to auto-organize the files that goes to my media library folder and not my entire hard drive - as far as I can tell it is not possible to put a path there, only a drive letter (?).

Another thing I want MusicBee to do is to automatically rename files and in general change files according to what I do in the main view. So if I clean things up a bit (spelling errors, whatnot), I want the folders and file names to automatically reflect what I just did. For this I would assume I have to have the "auto-organize library" ticked?

Any tips on how to do this properly greatly appreciated. I had it set up this way before but I don't remember exactly how I did it.
Questions / Re: Libraries switching
Last post by maikelagan on December 10, 2023, 09:39:06 PM   |  Started by Macflar
I made a suggestion to add an option like this, I hope someone can do it.
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