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Steven....I just downloaded this latest and well...I decided to cue the song 'Round Midnight done by Sonny Rollins to play next with my playlist in shuffle and 49 different versions of the song came up and were cued. LOL Its good to know I have that many different versions of this much loved song ...but..I only need to load that one version. Instead of just querying for the title perhaps artist and album also would not be a bad idea...If that is how it works...I love the numbers it puts when you squeeze a track in like that but ...I had to laugh...49 different "Round Midnights..was kind of neat comparing them I will post this in the bug forum also

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Multithreaded encoding
« on: September 28, 2010, 04:21:16 AM »
+1  I transcoded some flac to .ogg the other night and noticed that it was only handling one file at a time and on my Cpu meter only one of two cores was near maxed I have been thinking about this lately..count my vote for this...I know foobar does it like that...For us multi core users it would make transcoding so much faster...hmmm at least 2wice as fast for 2 core. I was wondering why it was not done like this in the beginning??? Are not most computers these days at least Dual Core ?

No, I do the right click Reorganize thing...I seem to be missing something here...My naming scheme for reorganization is  <albumartist>/<album>/<trk#>- <track>which results in:
The Doors/Morrison Hotel/ 1-Roadhouse Blues.flac
                                     2-Waiting for the Sun.flac
                                     3-You Make Me Real .flac
                                      And so on ...Also in folder(Before I reorganize) there usually is:
                                      The Doors-Morrison Hotel.cue
                                      The Doors-Morrison Hotel.accurip
                                      And assorted JPGS:
                                      Booklet P.1-3.jpg
                                      Booklet P.2-4.jpg
                                      Booklet P.3-5.jpg
Now the only thing that follows the MUSIC is Folder.jpg and <album>.jpg  and I THINK that's because my settings Create these files during the move.
What I need it to do is Move everything in the folder.Not all may be marked but they all have something to do with the MUSIC FILES and need to be with them.
The only time I don't want those files moved together is when I am putting the Album on my Sansa Fuse (DAP). I would suppose that most Music collectors would agree with me.Unless there is another way of doing things that I have yet to discover. From the developers point of view I would assume it is easier to move EVERTHING than to sort out the odd files...But I am Not a devolper and know nothing of these things so I am hoping that this can be done...I guess I am asking for a feature request and I will post there if I must but I am hoping that this can be fixed/tweaked from the preferences     ...
Thanks Steven
PS. I really should drink my coffee before posting :D

I am liking this player more and more but I cant seem to figure out how to "reorganize" all the files in a folder. It only seems to move Music files and some .jpgs.Not sure what i am doing wrong..once I saw a similar question posted and Stevens answer was that it can be done but I cannot find that post again(was i dreaming?)
How is this done???Once I figure this out i can ditch Media Monkey once and for all for that is all it is used for these days....
I open Computer(from the left side navigation column) and find my folder  then I "reorganize" it to my "newest Lossless" folder but only music get the treatment all the logs and cues get left behind...I know some where I checked the option move all files in subfolders too...but these are not in subfolders they are right there with the music files... ??? ???

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: HDCD Decoding
« on: September 18, 2010, 03:14:02 AM »
I really must check this forum more often. ,Steven Thank you so much for looking into and implementing HDCD, for ripping HDCD's I am a bit of a Deadhead "GratefulDead" and all of their remasters are HDCD. Also there is a company that seems to have taken their lead from Mobile Fidelity Sound Labs and has put out a whole series of great cds with HDCD:
I believe that "Gold" series is HDCD encoded...BUT....I already have ALOT of flac (16bit) that is encoded with HDCD and the only way I can enjoy it's extra Bitness is going back to Foobar. I am trying to use Music Bee for my "Only" music player...but I can not at this time.Please, something to decode the files we already have with HDCD and an indicator light would be tops!!!!! Thank you Again ;D

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: HDCD Decoding
« on: September 05, 2010, 07:50:02 PM »
I def agree That is why I still use Foobar sometimes...for HDCD decoding...this should not be a hard thing to add even if only a plug in......Come on Steven for us sound quality chasers...ADD HDCD or at least let us know if its on the TO DO list for the next release.

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