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Portable Devices / Re: Suddenly unable to sync podcast playlist to Walkman
« on: November 19, 2023, 04:24:25 PM »
Unfortunately now there's a separate but possibly related issue.

Now every time I sync it does not delete music files that are no longer referenced in the playlists (yes, I checked to make sure there were no playlists using the files I wanted remove).  It also tries to re-copy music files from playlists I haven't changed.  In fact, if I sync to my Walkman, let it finish and then try to sync again it will act as if the first sync never happened and try to copy all of the songs/podcasts/playlists over entirely.

I can only assume it's because the File Path is listed as G: under Edit Preferences but H: under the Walkman settings itself and it will not let me change either of them.

I can work around this problem by just manually deleting the files in File Explorer, but obviously this is not working as intended.

Portable Devices / Suddenly unable to sync podcast playlist to Walkman
« on: October 21, 2023, 05:12:52 AM »
Hello all.

I have been using MusicBee without issue for a few years now and now, suddenly, I'm having a problem getting my podcast playlist to sync properly.

As usual I have my Sony Walkman NW-A45 plugged into my computer via USB, I choose the device in MusicBee and hit sync, and files are copied over.  However, when I later unplug my Walkman and check the playlist it says that it is empty.  I can see in Windows Explorer that the available space has gone down so SOMETHING was copied over or it's just allocating space for it without filling it(?).

I tested it by trying to sync a song playlist instead of a podcast playlist and it worked just fine.  The songs were copied over and the playlist appears as it should and when opened the songs are available.

In my Device settings for the Walkman I have the podcast files path set to:  Music\Podcasts\<Publisher>\<Title>, but I note that they instead get sent to G\G\G\Music\Podcasts\etc..  Could it be that the playlist isn't correctly pointing to where they are stored?  And if so, how would I go about fixing this if, after entering my desired path above, it still sends the files to a different path instead?

Thank you in advance for your help!


EDIT:  I've just noticed that when I go through Edit Preferences>Devices>Configure>Settings the storage path is listed as G:\ which I can't change.  However if I go through the Walkman tab that shows up when I plug in my device>Settings it shows the storage path as H:\ (which I also can't change).  Up until this point I had been changing the path via Edit Preferences instead of through that Walkman tab.  This time I changed it via that Walkman tab and it appears to have resolved the issue.  Perhaps this is a bug, then?

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