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MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Simple Refresh of Album Art via Right-Click Menu
« on: November 10, 2023, 11:52:33 PM »
Thank you!  I thought I tried every option but obviously missed that one.  Very much appreciated!


MusicBee Wishlist / Simple Refresh of Album Art via Right-Click Menu
« on: November 10, 2023, 10:38:16 PM »
Sometimes when playing albums I realize the album art isn't up to par.  So while listening to that album I frequently go hunting for better album art and save it to the folder in explorer where the album is stored, replacing the existing "folder.jpg" with a new version.

But MusicBee doesn't pick it up.  I have to rescan all the album art from menu items burried within the preferences that are cumbersome to find and use quickly.

Would be great if one could just right click on the album in the playlist and have a "refresh album art" menu item that would grab the current version "folder.jpg" and replace that in the interface quickly.

Many thanks

Make sure that in the Album Artist tag (in the Tag Editor) has a value. Use something like "Various Artists." MB treats the artist as the album artist if the album artist tag is empty. Which is why you're seeing each artist as their own album.
Ok, well I tried and that does work, however it's a bit misleading and "clunky" as the option is "Album and Tracks" not "Album Artist and Tracks"; and I have never used "Album Artist" in any of my 10's of thousands of tags.  It's always just Artist. And Album.. Independently.

So instead of having to go and retag this plethora of files, would it not be better if MusicBee offered an option to ignore the Album Artist and just properly group the "Playing Tracks" by "Album and Track" as the name of the option implies?  Seems like an error in the programming and backwards to require the user to retag the music just for the option to work correctly.  I mean maybe there are some cases where you might want to have the list show 30 or 40 tracks independently in a grouped list with huge duplicate copies of the album art for each one, but I can't really see where or why.  There is the "Track with Thumbnail" option that already accomplishes that.  It would seem the real purpose of the "Album and Track" option is to properly group by album with only one copy of the artwork and album info.  And it isn't doing that consistently.


I have my "Playing Tracks" panel configured to show "Artists and Tracks".  For albums with a single artist, the panel correctly displays a header with the album art and album information, and then the tracks below it, as expected:

However, when adding a "Various Artists" compilation type album, it now puts every single song in its own container with the album art and album/artist information, separated by artists and no longer groups the tracks by "Ablum and Tracks" as expected from the setting:

As I said, despite the setting being "Albums and Tracks" which I would expect to still group under the album despite there being various artists, as the setting "Album and Tracks" has literally nothing to do with "Artists":

Is there a setting that I am missing after having combed through them and trying to change dozens of them off and on etc to try and fix this?  Or is this a programming error not respecting the "Album and Tracks" grouping setting?


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