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Bug Reports / Re: Playlist gets flipped when rearranging tracks
« on: May 26, 2020, 04:43:33 PM »

This happens to me too, all the time.
Escpecially annoying when i try to listen to my podcasts in reversed order so that the least added are played first.
When i try to resort them in "reversed order state" the list flips every time. looks like to be the similar effect to the "update play oder" function.
pleez fix

Ahoj - I'm the freshman.
I decided to switch to a new (more stable) musicplayer.

So literally the VERY FIRST feature I tried to figure out was the "minimize to tray on close" function.

Well I ended up here... and i have to say I'm quite a bit shocked to realize this feature hasn't been implemented for the past 7 years.
Though MusicBee is recommended and decsribed as nicely designed throughout the web... though it kills my well trained UX.

Yeah, if the dev could add a checkbox which swaps out the "X" function, that'd be nice. And definetly helps with the "Ah f**k man, sorry folks I accidentally closed the musicplayer ... AGAIN." - issue.

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