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Questions / Re: Toolbar Button set save?
« on: January 04, 2024, 01:45:47 PM »
Thank You - pity no button set save but considering how drawn out creating a set is at least it can be saved and then I can tweak the other elements to suit the purpose of my numerous installs of mb.
With such a huge library I have 4 installs, a traditional install of mb contains my entire library spread across 4 harddrives of (omg) 18tb - many duplicated as flac & mp3 with cd, web, vinyl & all the deluxe, remastered reissues etc etc where available - I do own at least a vinyl or cd etc of the album but...a few slipped through the cracks, oopsey) with 3 portables having distinct flavours of music (1-Electronic / 2-Rock (guitar based) and everything else (from Jazz to Reggae to obscure world music) no doubt a 4th portable will evolve when I eventually invest in a true hifi rather than the arcam amp/power amp + B&W speakers entry level system I have atm as I begin to listen more to classical.
My point being each install of mb's layout is suited to the music more than it probably needs to be. I'm also not a playlist creator but enjoy being surprised by what shuffle offers and will open whichever install contains the mood of music I feel like listening to. I use my hard drives & folders as the template for my music library relying on diligently titling folders as well as spending more time than healthy id tagging everything into a cohesive system, thankfully tagscanners script ability combined with mb & their ability to grab everything from the net has been streamlined to suit my needs.

TL;DR sorry that was unnecessarily detailed. Thanks for confirming there is no way to save button sets alone but a method does exist to preserve them all be it not ideal. And re the screenshot statement again thanks for confirming that isn't a method to interchange panel layouts between installs but the import/export method is.
As you are aware its quite a learning curve to design your "perfect" muscbee layout, once achieved duplicating it across (as said) the multiples I use of musicbee is reassuring. Just as other users, I too have spent ungodly amount of hours learning & tweaking panel layouts. The customisation is awesome in the true sense of the word.

Thanks again !

Questions / Toolbar Button set save?
« on: January 04, 2024, 03:31:05 AM »
I did use the search option and didn't see a post let alone a recent (with in the year) speaking of this, I assume it has been but...

Is there a way to save my selected icons and toolbar set layout separately or can it be saved with the screenshot save or ??

It would be great to be able to create shareable toolbar icon set layouts and really awesome if they were resizable similar to fonts.

Plugins / Re: MusicBee Remote (Remote Control for Android)
« on: August 02, 2023, 06:49:42 AM »
Thanks guys ,I have used Remote Desktop, best praise I can give it  is that it works. :) and I'll try reinstalling that version from apkpure

Oddly in my wasted time of attempting to fix what once worked I discovered the soundbar I have hooked up to my pc that I use when not using dac/amp or dac/headphones is that the paired soundbars remote control controls muscibee, even when the audio is routed through my usb connected dac (to amp or headphones)

Its a cheap SHARP soundbar i was given for free, I'd still rather be able to visually pick what I play through musicbee but at least I can change volume, pause/play/ fwd/rewind etc whilst not sat at my pc. (I use Volume 2 (squared) to route audio for different apps to different outs, unsure if that plays into the ability to bypass the soundbar yet still use the the remote control aspect.)

ps the soundbars remote does work with other audio players FYI

Plugins / Re: MusicBee Remote (Remote Control for Android)
« on: August 01, 2023, 05:24:36 AM »
I'm at a loss.

On the help site :-

1.The first field displays the socket status. If the status is Running it means that the plugin is active an listening for incoming connection. This is the normal status and it should not be Stopped. If your status is stopped then something has gone terribly wrong.

something has indeed gone terribly wrong

With very limited knowledge in troubleshooting potential network issues, Im fairly certain all is working as it should minus the plugin that used to work but now doesnt (?)
ANY suggestions would be welcome (I've removed the plugin, reinstalled, gone through network settings / unpaired devices both ways & repaired them : I'm as confident as I can be that its not my pc or phone blocking or refusing to send/receive. Hardware has not changed nor had settings since I last used this cool af tool.
Would be sad to see it go.

BTW Is controlling pc/media with anything or than a kbd & mouse really this difficult? I'd enjoy having my pc rigged to my tv/hifi and control all on the couch with a cheapo tablet but.... seems such a headache for the uninitiated I've barely entertained the thought of doing such.

Plugins / Re: Game Bar Widget
« on: May 30, 2022, 04:05:53 PM »
Please please please don't think I'm ungrateful - this is EXACTLY what I've been after - saves tabbing out of games just to fwd,back,pause,play tracks in MusicBee -AWESOME !!

but here comes the but (sorry) the volume control slider option - am I doing something wrong?
I select the volume setting (number) with "A" button on the XBox controller, then Dpad right to the slider, "A" again to select the actual "button"/slider/setting, then dpad Left or Right to change volume IF the widget hasn't already jumped automatically back to  eh Back track - so I end up going back a track 20 times more than I do actually changing volume.  :-X

If I do manage to get the volume to change up or down, when the widget reverts back to its initial state [when it feels like it rather than remaining as selected] the volume changes back to what it was previously set to.
I think I need to press Down on the Dpad to "save" the change? or B or X or tbh I dont know - it seems random or i get lucky and the moon and planets are in alignment at that precise time.

As said THANK YOU - I'm genuinely appreciative but - is it a Games For Windows Live, oops having terrible flashbacks, the XBox game bar just being typical microsoft jank or  is there anything I can do to fix this volume "game" of silly buggers?
I'm currently playing Elden Ring and i think changing volume is harder than the boss fights.  :)

The reiterate please dont take this badly - it's a plugin/widget I've been waiting for. I'm assuming its the Xbox bars stubbornness to have people add "unapproved" third party widgets added???

Is there anyway selecting the volume's number and pressing up or down on the DPad could change volume instead of having to select the slider so it holds requiring "B" or button to revert back to play/pause or even a to add a setting with a chosen timer to prevent the widget auto returning from vol control window to "< Play/Pause >" ? or (as said, its microsofts "awesomless" causing this issue?

pps Thanks for the best Audio player on the planet !!!

ps using current version install + beta 3.5.8150 P

Questions / Re: Musicbee doesn't locate all of my existing mp3 files
« on: January 08, 2022, 08:19:49 PM »
The incomplete uninstall is much more of a Windows problem than a MusicBee problem. You will find this is the case for almost all non-portable software. As Turk says, there are some uninstaller apps that can help, but I would recommend Bulk Crap Uninstaller or Geek Uninstaller, which will not spam you with ads.

If you do try MusicBee again, I second the suggestion for portable version.

I'm positive IO Bits apps don't spam ads - they have pop ups assking if you wish to update (not recommended for iFun screen recorder as the newer version has a watermark and less features but is a really good screen recorder for free) than asking if you wish to update. Disabling that is possible. Only time I see ads in any io bit software is when clicking the "pro" options. fix : dont click em :P
but as we know theres a 100s of apps doing more or less the same thing, some better than others, some more complicated than they need be (i'll take a gander at your suggestions, may replace io bits uninstaller although ASC is useful (alongside CCleaner, Glary's as they all seem to miss things the others don't.)
I think ever since io bits unlocker i've taken a shine to their apps - all in free mode are more than enough for most users - same with sordum 's tools/util's [all 100% free]

In defense, (wow my feelings :)  ) My recommendation was 2 fold, ASC or uninstaller are very easy to use for someone who may prefer such a UI & more so, io bits generates a saveable list of EVERY part of a softwares instal, saveable as a text file so you can manually insure any leftovers are found by the other recommend app, "Everything" via its simple to use / easy to see search option & display & its free. (Everything 1.5a is worth installing instead of the "stable" release 1.4, as it IS more stable than the stable release, unsure why it hasn't been made current.

ps wow Bulk Crap is so large (109mbs) portable, Geek Uninstaller only 1.7mb compressed. Thats quite the difference eh :) Guess i'll find out why on vm test install :).

Questions / Re: MB hangs when clicking any split button
« on: January 06, 2022, 06:02:39 PM »
Have you tried the portable version? Perhaps add 2 copies, 1 on c drive, 1 on another drive, just cos u can :)

i have 3 portables and 1 installed version (i like different layouts n looks depending on the genre I'm listening too, dont judge :)

anyway if doesn't occur in the portable - use that for now and investigate the installed vrsn versus windows processes when you have time.

and if it doesn't occur in the portable there maybe some form of software/OS/3rd party audio "something" clash occurring that a process of elimination will uncover - some background activity..... gremlins... or just good old windows things (that could possibly be safely disabled using something like winaero - but thats jumping ahead. go portable for now]

Questions / Re: Auto-replace genre?
« on: January 06, 2022, 05:49:10 PM »
can i suggest Tagscanner?

Questions / Re: Musicbee doesn't locate all of my existing mp3 files
« on: January 06, 2022, 05:47:01 PM »
Itunes? on windows - we have to help you from this terrible cicumstance.

2 options (2nd option is easiest to disagnose)

Consider trying IO Bits ASC [Advacend System Care] (exceptionally useful even in free mode - dont get caried away with installing all it offer although may of the tools I use from there are good for this purpose not essential),
Reinstall musicbee, ASC will now collect the installation data on ALL files installed, and export a list of everything.
Then run ASC's uninstal option, it will remove everything, anything left can be located using another free app called "Everything" - remove all by hand if necessary.

restart pc

reinstall a fresh copy of musicbee.

all the above maybe not be necessary it may simply be due to windows 255 character limitation.
Insure your folder & filenames character totals do not exceed 255 characters [a windblows limitation]

if they do then they wont be read, so you'll need to shorten "something" - folder path, folder name or the track title
ie including your C drive + whatever folder name eg Music then thats inside another folder (?)
"Music from the 60's" then inside that is (?)
"The Jim Hendrix Experience Discography"
with another folder titled
"The Jimi Hendrix Experience - whatever the album name (Publisher - catalog number) year 196X (mp3)"
then inside that are the tracks titled :-
 "track 01. Jimi Marley Exponentially Experienced beyond Belief :) - Oh my what a really long name.mp3"

as you can assume it's already well over 255 characters anmd simply will not be read.

Shortening them will fix that issue - there's other ways but having asytem of foldering with short be concise names works a treat, and provides an already structured means of finding your music within musicbee via computer folder tree etc.

As said to remove all Musicbee's leftovers the free tool (which is far better than windows explorer anyway, called "EVERYTHING" will help you locate... well everything.

PLEASE do not use itunes, yuk, spit. :P

Questions / Corsair keyboard volume rocker to control Music bee alone.
« on: January 06, 2022, 05:21:40 PM »
Bought a corsair keyboard [K95 Elite, uk layout with 6 Gkeys] assuming the volume rocker would control at very least the foremost application ignoring all else,  or at least could be set in iCue4.

Odd thing is it has controlled musicbee once or twice but only for a short time, 3 or? volume changes then reverted to system wide ... most strange.

Can anyone enlighten on this, is it possible to use the rocker to adjust ONLY musicbee excluding all else, or to assign a key change to swap media key control to musicbee (displayed via a colour change/flash when selected/controlling muscibee) the with a secondary click revert to system wide control (again displayed by a colour change upon key select then, and so on?

I've asked at corsair forums...... 6 months ago.

ps I'm aware of iVolume2 and not a fan of app upon app potential clashes with iCue4 already installed.  Although this method works I'd like to avoid .

'm also aware of Eartrumpet but as far as I know thats unassignable.

Any help appreciated.

ps That'll teach me, should have just bought an old Griffin powermate or Aimos usb volume control knob....  :-[

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Hotkey for adjusting pitch control
« on: January 06, 2022, 04:43:40 PM »
ignore I should LTR - Semi tone, not tempo.... my bad i'll leave the comment strikedthrough in case its info someone may find useful.

slap me with a wet fish.

VST host option, send to external .... nah, doesn't really address the request though if you're wanting to adjust & audition in realtime per audio clip/sample.
Seems bad form to suggest an alternate app.  :-X

Apologises first if this is not what you're after or have considered and not been satisfactory but can it not be done with a toolbar option?
Right click the "Configure Toolbar" and add the options (listed below) and assign a png icon for the button(s) of your choice for a silouette icon set such as IconMoon's.
As I understand there' s 5 tempo options:-
 2 each for increase/decrease by 10% +/-,
1 for setting a preset, called "Set",
1 to "Use" said preset
& lastly another to "Reset".

It's alphabetically in the "Player" group in the pulldown menu in the "Set Toolbar Buttons".

Again apologise if [not if, you did] I've just told you what you know already.

Plugins / Re: Corsair LED Plugin
« on: December 09, 2021, 05:35:50 PM »
Dear OP

WOW & thank you for this. Superb job ! Works perfectly (for me) [k95]

Apologise in advance for off topic question - I only ask as you appear to be the most likely to have knowledge of both iCue & Musicbee's "inner workings".
Would you know of a way to control Musicbee's volume using a corsair kbd's vol rocker (in my case the K95) when mbb is running, but return to system audio when mbb is closed with out the need for secondary apps that are feature rich, but far to feature rich for such a supoosedly simple task?
I've tried with varying degrees of unsatisfactory success using Volume2* & Volumekey, both [sort of] work, no that's unfair they work but are either more than whats needed or begin to complicate a simple audio signal chain, I even thought I "found the fix" and wrote a tutorial at corsairs forum re Volume2 & set up, to later decide it wasn't the best method but the best I could find.  :-\

ANY help on this would be so welcome. I wish corsairs own iCue had the answer within, and assumed it would hence my purchase to find a nice volume rocker go to waste. [?]

ps here was my lame attempt at assuming I'd found the holy grail
It was in response to anothers near identical, unasnwered question @ corsairs forums.

Questions / Re: ISRC & Cat Number Fields
« on: May 22, 2021, 12:46:54 PM »
I'd prefer not to lock this thread, but if the current behavior continues I will.

So let's knock off the name calling and try to stay on topic.

Indeed I'd prefer to stay on topic and not dramatize 5 words said flippantly that some janitors bravely swooped in and saved the MB developer from.

Personally I thought I only came to request a tag field - amazing what others turned this into but i'll accept the blame, after all I did say "I dont have the time".  8)

ps what does dog pilling mean?

Questions / Re: ISRC & Cat Number Fields
« on: May 20, 2021, 10:13:08 AM »
Submitted into evidence as Exhibit A, see hiccup's reply #1 above where the OP's "I don't have  the time" is reproduced in the quote.

Yes a tribunal is most definitely required regarding this heinous of crimes.

Maybe after 2 or 3 years of cross examination, we'll get to the bottom of this shocking injustice.

O.P. "DIDN'T HAVE THE TIME" !!!  :o  
was it 1/ a figure of speech said with Musicbee's wonderfully open ended customisation in mind allowing the user to tweak almost every aspect to his or her liking & that setting up virtual fields was merely an additional complication for those new comers that might have become accustomed to a uniform tagging system and enabling an easier entry level set of tools wouldn't put such people off using musicbee OR 2/ a coded wording designed to offend the entire planet and FORCE the developer to work his fingers to the bone and likely also meant the op kicked kittens in his spare time..

or, no tin foil hat, was it a combination of part 1 & merely requesting a feature but a few overly sensitive individuals decided to ignore the important part of the comment and over fixate on 4 or 5 wordswritten ass joke but instead take it upon themselves to be offended by something that was so unbelievably benign it makes you question some peoples sanity?

Tune in to the next exciting episode of oh ffs did this really need explaining?

ps I deleted the part of the comment a number of you were bothered by for 1 reason, so you were no longer bothere by it - It has nothing to do with some paranoid conclusion of "he's trying to appear as the victim"... regardless, it appears I'm "damned if I do, damned if I don't."

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