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The artwork is already inside the music folder at the moment of being added into the library

It seems that I always need to do "Rescan selected files" in order to see the artwork of the albums that are added in the library

Am I doing something wrong?

Questions / Musicbee cannot handle large images ?
« on: August 15, 2022, 05:25:45 AM »
As soon as the image is too large I always have to redimension the image otherwise Musicbee will not see it
It looks the max size is around 1mb

Can we change that?

Unfortunately I merged 2 problems into this thread so maybe it is my fault because at first I was wondering why the new location would be a new file. (Answer: statistics are not embedded, alright okay)

But then I realized that just moving a file inside a "picture folder" inside an album folder, was triggering the folder as a new folder because of just moving a file inside that folder

So it's like it's "file sensitive":
It's interpreting a "date modified" attribute as a Date added, okay alright, I'll stop arguing about that, now that I know it's doing this behavior, which is "anything is date modified, there is no date added except when the addition of a folder to the library"

Okay, alright then

Please do it on your side if you don't believe me, it only takes 2 minutes to verify
Here's how
Simply move in windows explorer a picture from a picture folder inside the music folder and undo the move, then return into MB  then select the same folder and click edit, and look at the property tab, you will see added time has changed

It's a date modified attribute not a date added, this is a bug, or a misinterpretation to the least

You realize that my concern is not about moving things using MB but the bug that MB do by misrepresenting the dates if we move a file , calling it "added" instead of "modified" you understand that right?
I 'm wondering if you do it on purpose or not

Look and read your menu
I see it , above the line in the middle = Date Added/Album

At that point maybe I should make a thread in the bugs section

Phred said to move folders around but it is not convenient at all since there is no cut & paste option, only dragging the folders. This is something that is known to give many errors and misplacements, etc etc

Beside, this is a misrepresentation to call "newly added" folder a modified folder

Right click on the header of the main panel / sort by / it's one of the default sorting

If I added a picture to a folder and now MB call it a newly added folder it is misrepresentation

Drag and drop possibility but there is no cut and paste option

> Dragging folders all around is not suitable because it has to have all the folders open and also sometimes some folder could accidentally open up in contact of the mouse gesture and you lose track of the folder or things like that, misplacement etc.

Files are constantly being "re-added" even if they have been previously added, this is not convenient at all

This should be called "date modified", not date added

What is the purpose of date modified then?
I've just added a picture to one folder and now the date added has changed, this is really frustrating

Is it possible to move my folders in explorer, which are already added to the library of MB, without having them marked as newly added to the library
Suppose I move them to a new folder that I made

No, it doesn't move the folder, only the files are moved, leaving an empty folder and the files all mixed up if more than one album is moved to the same folder.
See picture =

EDIT (Half of the solution)
Entering this:  <Foldername>\<Filename> as template  ( within the: send to/ organized folder option)

This would work but , if I have subfolders what will I do?
For example =  artist name folder / album folders

I would need a template  to preserve a second <foldername>  for the parent folder
What could I do to preserve all the whole structure every time I move a folder, what would be the template to do that please?

No, when I do that only the files are moved
The folder is not moved with them

Questions / Can we move a folder & files without changing their names?
« on: August 05, 2022, 04:34:43 AM »
Is it possible to move a folder with the files without changing their names?
I remove the renaming option it would move the files only without their folder to contain them
Menu/send to/folder (move) / send to organized folder (organized or not, it's doing the same thing, both move the files only, not the folder with them, if I choose not to use the renaming option) 

I want to keep the original folder names, I don't want to rename any of the folders or files that I have

Questions / Re: Some albums show second file artwork in folder?
« on: July 28, 2022, 04:44:50 PM »

Now everything is added in the check boxes except "back" (as shown in the picture)
Previously (with the same identical result) I was using only the "." option because , in theory it look like a wildcard selection that would show any format of any image that is in the folder (first image listed in the folder)

The problem persist, I have 2 problems
1) some albums refuse to show album cover
2) some cover art keeps reverting back to the second picture listed in the folder instead of the first which is the album cover

I did create a new library just in case, problems have not changed

Questions / Re: Some albums show second file artwork in folder?
« on: July 28, 2022, 08:12:21 AM »
It's a folder pretty normal, I have took a screen snipe which shows both inside the folder and also the absence of cover art for this album. I restarted, I did F5 refresh.

my other problem is that if I use the editing tool to show MB which file the image (the first in the list, it's weird since the software should usually grab this one and show it)  after I edit the artwork section (tag editing board/ artwork) it still keeps reverting back everytime I reboot MB

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