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I have recently tagged my albums with multiple Album Artists, seperated by semicolons, to facilitate the player I use on Android.
I've set up a virtual tag to display it prettier in Musicbee (Burial; Four Tet -> Burial & Four Tet).

I do nearly all of my browsing in the Album Covers view, with a panel popping up to show the album when clicked, as below:

When clicking on the Album Artist spot in the panel (that is actually displaying my formatted virtual tag), the Music Explorer is launched - and searches by the Album Artist tag. I don't mind this behaviour, but it does not work correctly with a multiple value tag. See below for the result of clicking:


This is functionally useless of course! The simplest solution I can see is adding the option to remap that single click behaviour to the same as the middle click one (filter library by Album Artist value), and avoid interacting with Music Explorer all together, which is preferable to me. I don't always even have a mouse plugged in to use a middle click!

As a side question, I can't seem to find the option to search by Album Artist in the right click menu - I swear I've read a forum topic saying it should be there! I would love to be able to do this.

The 'Find Other Artists' option allows me to search by the split Artists value (rather than the 'Display Artist'), but not by Album Artist.

Thank you very much! And thank you to Steven and everyone on this foum for all your hard work, this application is my favourite thing ever!


Questions / Right Click Options
« on: February 15, 2023, 03:55:53 AM »
Hey, new here, thank you so much for Musicbee - I've been using it forever!!

How do I see/enable the extended items mentioned here?

(eg. Find Artists including secondary artists)

I'm using v 3.4

Thank you!

Edit: Posted the wrong link before

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