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Questions / Artwork Issues
« on: October 17, 2022, 09:35:28 AM »
Hi All

First post and a bit of an odd one. I have a library on my home computer, works great no issues.
I recorded a loads of my old vinyl music and converted to mp3, updating the artwork as i went.

Last night i copied all my music to an external hd, one so i have a backup but secondly so i can listen to it at work (thanks google music!!!).
I installed music bee at work but i have noticed that the artwork on a lot of songs is all messed up and i am trying to understand why. For a lot of tracks it seems to have allocated at random artwork from another track. The original artwork i applied is still there but when i edit the track it appears to be the second option.

Example below

In that example the second image should be the artwork and the first image shouldnt be there at all, that artwork is for another track.

This only seems to be affecting tracks i have manually assigned artwork too either through musicbee or mp3tag.
Tracks that i have purchased via digital sites seem unaffected.

So have i made a mistake assigning artwork? In music bee i use the embed into track option.
In mp3 tag i just browse.

Any ideas?


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