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Bug Reports / Strange behavior when using Auto-tag
« on: October 08, 2017, 04:32:11 PM »

I've identified a strange problem when using the Auto-tag feature.
I only use this feature to update the 'mood' field using Auto-Tag by Track > Update Tags using using Tag Cloud and only checking overwrite Mood tag where the tag cloud contains any of but this behavior seems to be the same when checkin other options.

For each track a 'mood' field is found, few things happend besides the 'MOOD' tag being added to the ID3v2 :

* ID3v1 : YEAR field is removed
* ID3v2 : ENCODER and TYER are added
* APEv2 : seems like it's removed

Here's few before/after screenshots of the Tag Inspector :

Anyone can reproduce this behavior?

I have latest version (3.1.6466) on Windows 7.
My lame.exe version is 3.99.5

Thanks for your time and this great piece of code :)


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