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Hi all - looking for some help.
I have set up syncing to my SD card and all is well, but when I try and import the playlists into BlackEx player on my Samsung phone, it says "Failed to import cannot read the file" followed by "try a different file import manager" - have followed the advice from Blackplayer but to no avail.
Does anyone else have this issue?

I have my library on a PC and the files on a Synology NAS.
I have a Chromescast with Google TV in another room.
I would like to cast and play music from the MB library on the PC to my Chromecast with Google TV via Kodi (or another app if recommended).

Not real sure what I am doing, but I have the DLNA plugin installed in MB on the PC and I tried to add MB via a UPnP share in Kodi. Also tried NFS and SMB, none of these can see the MB library.
Does anyone know how to do this?


I have quite a few tracks where the Artist and Album Artist tags can be seen in Mp3Tag, iTunes and also the Details property in Windows Explorer, however, the are not showing in MB.

Interestingly, when I try and manually edit the tag detail and click Save in MB, the detail is not saved.

I have compared permissions for the files with others that work fine and also the parent folders. The permissions are exactly the same and I have also reapplied in re-inherited the same permissions a few times to try fix it. I have also checked they are not read-only.

Any ideas?

Image of MB playlist with missing tags

Image of Mp3Tag showing tags

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