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Questions / Can playlist be restored that I accidentally deleted?
« on: February 26, 2022, 05:30:44 AM »
Hi, I searched this forum and the guide but couldn't find an answer. I meant to delete just one song on a playlist but didn't realize I had the whole playlist selected. I don't recall if there was a warning, but of course the playlist is gone and I'm wondering if there is any kind of 'recycle bin' like Windows has, or a way to "un-delete" it. I did try the undo keyboard shortcut but that's about it. I can import it from my phone but I had just made a lot of changes to it in MB.

Hi, when syncing, MB always wants to re-copy all the music that is in the playlists I'm syncing, even though the MP3 files are already on my phone. (Sometimes I sync all playlists, sometimes just a few that have changed, and it will want to copy all songs on the synced playlists.) I can't find a setting to prevent this. So whenever I sync I have to delete all those music files on my phone first; I don't have enough storage space for duplicate files nor do I want them. Help!

I have the latest Android OS on a Galaxy S10 Plus. I am using the desktop app to sync because I couldn't get the WiFi app to work.

Questions / Missing tags after relinking paths-SOLVED
« on: November 08, 2021, 10:05:49 PM »
There are some songs MB couldn't find the files for in my playlists. After doing "Relink Music File Paths," the songs were found, but without their tags--except in the Title tag, their names were changed to be the same as the filenames. And I can't find a way to revert the relinking action and instead use "locate missing files" which only works for me doing one song at a time. Is there a batch way or somewhat easy way to fix/find the missing tags? I'm pretty sure all my songs have embedded tags from before using MB.

UPDATE -- I guess I just needed to wait a few minutes. They suddenly all showed their tags!

Hi, I used to use iTunes and its library file got deleted in an upgrade and I stupidly didn't have a backup file. So my 80+ playlists that I used to update in iTunes (and sync using iSyncr) are now only on my Android. My husband had advised me to stop using iTunes on the PC because apparently they don't play well together, so I haven't installed iTunes on my new PC and would like to use MusicBee. But I do not want to recreate all my playlists as that would take forever. I do still have all my music in an iTunes library folder that I THINK follows the same path structure as on my phone.

Is it possible that I could import all the music that's in that iTunes folder (or maybe it'd be even better to import the music directly from my phone?) into MusicBee, and then import the playlist files from my Android and they would find the songs automatically through matching paths? I am not really sure how to ensure that the paths match and would welcome any technical advice on how to do this!

Questions / Display location field
« on: June 01, 2021, 11:08:39 PM »
JUST AFTER POSTING THIS I saw another question that gave me the answer to this one -- the location is the Path field. I tried to delete my post but I can't.

Hi, I would like for the file location to be one of the fields that is displayed as a column. This is mainly so that I can drag all the music that is in a specific folder on my hard drive into a playlist all at once, but I would use it for other things as well. How do I do this?

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