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Bug Reports / Tag Editor writes unwanted tags and wrecks multi-value tags
« on: November 01, 2021, 06:49:57 PM »

While editing tags I noticed a very strange behavior. When I save edited tags, it also writes an unwanted tag ENCODER (TSSE). See screenshots. Maybe it's not a problem but as for me it is absolutely unnecessary and I spent a lot of time to clean my library from all garbage tags. Maybe it can be turned off somewhere, but I can't find where and how. And by the way, the encoder is wrong, actually it is LAME 3.100

And the second. When the tags are saved, by some reason multi-value fields are split in the way as you can see on screenshots. Again, for MB it is not a problem ad it still handles them correctly, but other software (MediaInfo, AIMP) only recognizes the first value (Rockabilly). TagScanner still recognizes both values and resaving tags with it can fix it and all values reappear in other software.

I don't use MB tag editor often, but from time to time I do, and now I don't have an idea how many files are affected and how to locate and fix them

Questions / "Ignore words" strange behavior
« on: October 04, 2021, 08:30:22 PM »
I'm not sure if it is a bug, so I first ask, maybe somebody could help.
I have several words and symbols to ignore in sorting, here they are
A, The, ", ', (, )
Generally it works well but I discovered that in some cases it don't work as expected. I guess that it is because only the first occurrence of "ignored" word is actually ignored, other occurrencies in the same line not ignored. And because of that sometimes some weird results occur.
Please see attached screenshot of left main panel to better understanding. You can see some lines that in my expectations should come one after another according to the underline color, but they are scattered over the list.

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