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Bug Reports / Unable to play AAC radio streams
« on: August 19, 2020, 06:13:00 PM »
I assumed for the longest time that SomaFM AAC streams (1+ year?) were just down since the links (even direct ones) just crashed or froze musicbee. They worked previously. But then I tried them in Foobar and they work fine.

Problem: Musicbee is unable to play AAC format radio streams, of any bitrate.


They don't error out, they seem to freeze or crash the audio codec so that the application has to be restarted. The error log is empty.


Oops. Solved with bass_aac.dll file added. Thanks. Hopefully this post will help other confused souls.
Would it be possible for musicbee to give an indication/error to user that a codec isn't working rather than just freezing?

So I listen to a lot of online radio with musicbee, especially Soma FM. I appreciate the features that are there, such as the ability to drag radio stations into a playlist. However, I often find radio streams online that come as .pls or other playlist files. To add these to my radio tab, I have to open them as text files and manually copy paste each stream URL into the "add station" dialog.

1) Ability for library items that are streams/URLs to "send to" the "radio" tab

2) Ability to add to radio list by importing playlist files (not just XML)


Portable Devices / Android device sync - playlist formatting issue
« on: February 19, 2020, 10:14:02 AM »
So with the latest android 10 on Samsung S10 and S10e, many folks are having the issue of empty playlists. I played around with it and realized that backslashes are no longer accepted. m3u files with "relative" (..) and without the ".." work fine if the backslashes \ are changed to forward slashes /.

So can we at least get an option in the device sync settings screen to use linux file path conventions?


This is may be a borderline "bug", but it is extremely frustrating. If I open a station link from the internet (from a playlist file), there is ZERO mechanism to add the currently playing URL to my radio station list.

- Cannot "send to" (can only send to music library)
- Cannot copy and paste URL from edit menu (greyed out)
- Cannot save it from the radio station tab

The only way is to open the m3u in notepad and copy the station URL from there and then manually add it.


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