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Dear knowledgeable MB users can I achieve the following?
(I've tried drivers and plugins and workaround with intermediary apps, but nothing works like MediaMonkey)

3 things:

1. MM can send to Iphone as long as the iTunes/Copytrans drivers are installed. How do they achieve itunes folder access on the iPhone? Why can't MB do the same?

b. MM can do a 2 way sync from a USB drive or USB external HDD, what's getting in the way with MB? I only want to be able to update tags on the file and have it sync'd back.

and D: Not found a way to do this is MB or MM. If a file differs on the external device (USB/HDD) can I compare the two and update only the changed tags of the file in my library? To save doing the file copy.

I was trying to find an intermediate program between MB and my iPhone, to SEND TO: the tune and it would 'drag-dro'p it to the phone, such as the program Waltr, but I could never get that to work.

I can't find a way to do this, would you know if it's possible:

Copy tags only from x:\artist_title.mp3 to y:\artist\album\artist_album_title.mp3

I use another player, Serato, that analyses a file and adds/updates tags. I'm wondering if there is a way that MB could find the same file (though with a different name) through the standard, artist/title/etc tags, in the x:\ location and copy the tags only from that file into the file in the y:\ location.

Found this info on Serato forum :
General Encapsulated Object (GEOB) tag. This isn't a typical tag and most (if any?) programs cannot show/display this info.
Cue points, loops and overview info is stored in the (GEOB) party of the ID3 tag. You cannot physically see it change it manually, so clearing basic fields (artist, comments etc) is safe.
I don't know if Searto uses the default BPM tag too.

Also, while I'm asking:

Can MB 'send to/play with' another app, Serato, where I can listen to, audition, analyse and update the file. Then, I close the file in Serato and MB will immediately show the tag changes in it's library.

Scratch this, just found the 'Tools' menu option, will see if this works with Serato.
And, the option to constantly monitor my music folder.

Questions / Update tags on original file when updated on external drive.
« on: August 21, 2017, 05:28:15 PM »
Tagging experts, is this possible?:

C:\music\the orb\little fluffy clouds\the_orb-little_fluffy_clouds.mp3

Added to Serato playlist which auto copies the file to;


I then play the file in Serato from the external stick, in Serato it will analyse the BPM, the Key and add it to tags. I might rate or comment on the file in Serato for my own notes.

Can I in MB use a formula to analyse the files on the stick, D:, and then update the tags of the original files in C:\music for any tags that  are new or have changed, without having to copy the files back again to C: ?

It's like a 2-way sync from a USB stick or network share or external HDD, could be a virtual device, but only sync tags, not copy files, on the 'return' from the external.

I use MB to audition my tunes, and auto copy them to a stick to create a DJ set list. Copying to the stick is fine, but there's no point in copying files back to the PC. There are files in my home library that I'd never put into a DJ set so no point in letting Serato analyse the whole library (it'd probably wouldn't be successful anyway) and I don't want anything else possibly messing up my tagged, renamed, organised files from MB.

Questions / Send To > Device. Possible bug (not tried before)
« on: February 01, 2017, 03:21:06 PM »
Using v3.0.6239 portable.

Trying to 'Send To' from USB stick to my Music folder on my internal drive.
I sync the stick with files according to a playlist and rules, then I want to copy the files back to my main folder.

The 'Send To > Folder' options are greyed out when trying to copy or move a file from USB stick/Device\Music to my main music folder.
2 way sync is greyed too.
I setup my main music folder as a virtual device and used 'Send To > Device' to send a file back to my main music folder. - worked OK.

Trying to send another file from USB to Virtual Device (my main music folder again) - greyed out, until I close the tab and open a new one for USB Stick/Device\music.
F5/Refresh doesn't help.

Is that a bug?

Can I get 'Send To' from USB to folders enabled?
Can I get 2 way sync from USB stick or HDD enabled?
Can that be done for USB drive connected as ESATA?

Questions / How do I? Date modified rule...
« on: January 25, 2017, 09:43:02 AM »
Would anybody know how to filter for an organized copy using date modified and date created?

I'm taking files from my library and Send To:Copy copying them to an external, renaming as I go and putting them all in one flat folder.

These files may then get tags modified with another program, Serato.

I'll then Send To:Move(or copy) the files back to my library, renaming and sorting as per my default library rule.

Question. How do I only copy the files back to my library(internal drive) that have had tags updated?

I'm guessing something along the lines of, Move files back to library(int drv) (renaming and sorting as default rule) ONLY if Date Modified is > Date Created. That way if the file was modified after it was originally created on the external it would have been changed after date added to my library = it would get copied.

My problem is I can only see Exceptions, and can't do eg. date modified > original date modified on file to be overwritten.

They may be a better or easier way, but I'm now just confusing myself.

Questions / Synchronizing with External Storage
« on: January 18, 2017, 03:27:03 PM »
Hi, first I have to say what a great program MusicBee is, I've just started with it and it looks to be perfect for my workflow.
There's so much to it, yet so professional I'm sure it's perfect for everybody's workflow!

I've just started and I'm using MB for music file management so far, to then send files to external storage for Serato DJ use.

Is there any way to name a file org/send to/copy to organised preset? Rather than just the path and file template, and have the check boxes and path remembered for each preset.

Using the files in Serato they are analysed and tagged with BPM and Key automatically and I may change or add tags as I'm using Serato.

Once I have my files on the external what would be the easiest way to copy those files with updated tags, back to their original locations?

If I use the USB as a device 2 way synchronizing is not available.

PS. Is the Send to, move, organised folder the same thing as the file organiser CTRL+R?

Thanks knowledgeable users and thanks again to the developer.

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