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Questions / Mystery genre tags
« on: April 17, 2019, 04:22:49 AM »
OK, here is a real puzzle.  I have several (about 40) music files out of about 6000 that have very strange genre tags.  In the list of genre tags on my iBasso DX150 player, there is a listing for 'Darkwave'. If I click on that, Lena Horne's 'Stormy Weather' shows, along with Ricky Martin's 'Livin' la vida loca'.  That is not a correct genre for this pieces.

Now, I never applied the 'Darkwave' genre tag to those files.  A search of the file properties in Windows Explorer does not show that tag.  MusicBee's Tag Explorer does not show it, neither does MP3Tag.

Obviously, the tag exists somewhere in the file(s), but I am at a loss to know where.  There are other mystery tags as well, 'Trailer' being the most common; and that tag is NOT attached to any movie soundtrack recording.

Any suggestions on how to find and remove the incorrect mystery tags?

Thanks in advance.

Questions / Help with playlists
« on: February 20, 2018, 06:20:30 PM »
Hello and please bear with me here... this will take a bit to express.  I am using Music Bee on a Windows Ten box with a Sony Walkman DMP.  With my previous computer and DMP, I used a stand alone program called  'Playlist creator' to make playlists in m3u format.

With the new DMP, I am for the first time using Music Bee to create playlists. Almost all of my music is in FLAC format, so the files are larger. I first create the list in MB (m3u format) on my computer, name it, then send it to the device (Sony NW-A35).  This works fine, but.....

Each time I do this, a new folder with the name of the playlist and copies of the music files is created in the memory of the DMP.  That is, I have the original FLAC file of the song in the player's memory PLUS another copy of the song in the newly-created playlist folder. Since the memory is already quite full, playlists will very quickly chew up the remaining memory.

Is this behavior normal?  Shouldn't a playlist simply be a list of locations where the player will find the songs on the playlist, not a duplicate set of the song files?  Or am I misunderstanding how Music Bee handles playlists? 

Thanks in advance for any help or insights you may provide!

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