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General Discussions / Onedrive
« on: February 08, 2023, 02:15:59 AM »
There are several topics regarding Musicbee and Onedrive, so I thought I would just create a new post describing my experience. I had 3 PC's and a laptop on a home network all running Musicbee from a NAS. I then decided to use Onedrive and remove the NAS. After a bit of trial and error I got it working perfectly.
The most important thing that made it all come together was having the Musicbee and music library folders all contained in a drive with the same letter on each PC. 

I have over 600GB of data on Onedrive, but the amount of files stored locally as well on my PC's depends on what I'm using that PC for. I've found that with my internet speed being around 40 Mpbs, Onedrive can be a little bit slow accessing files when required. So on my main PC which I use for everything including personal and business, and adding files to Musicbee, I have a 250GB SSD as my C drive, and a 1TB SSD which has all my data stored locally as well as in Onedrive.
On the 3 other PC's I just keep the Musicbee and library folders stored locally on a separate drive to C. This makes Musicbee run without any lag,
and also handy if I take the laptop somewhere and I don't have internet access.

On 2 PC's I installed a second SSD.
On the laptop I installed a SD card.
On my Media Center PC I have quite a few HDD's, so I chose one and gave it the same drive letter as the above drives.

All drives that are connected to Onedrive have the same drive letter and enough capacity to cover Musicbee and music library folders, allowing for adding more MP3 files in the future. So, anything I do in Musicbee on my main PC automatically updates on my 3 other PC's via Onedrive. No more NAS and no more concerns about losing data, and also easy to replace a PC or drive without effecting Musicbee.

Questions / Background tasks
« on: May 27, 2022, 04:21:47 AM »
I've been using MusicBee for years. Lately I've noticed a couple of issues.
When I close Musicbee I get a popup window which says "background tasks are still running - do you want to terminate them and close musicbee anyway?
The other is, when I add new files to the library I open Analyse volume tool and select file(s) to analyse. Nothing happens and I get the blue circle rotating.
When I cancel Analyse volume tool I get a popup window which says "Files are being analysed - do you want to abort the process?"
After about 15/20 minutes things return to normal and I can use the Analyse Volume tool.
I also notice that when I open Musicbee my NAS starts running (that's where library is stored), and when the NAS stops is when Analyse Volume tool works again.
When I close Musicbee after NAS has stopped, "background tasks are still running" popup has disappeared, but when I restart Musicbee the 2 issues arise again.
I can see the connection between the NAS and Musicbee is causing the problem but I can't work out why. The NAS is setup to sync any changes to Onedrive in real time but I can't see how just opening Musicbee is causing this running in the background issue. I've stopped the sync process in the NAS but doesn't make any difference.

Questions / Musicbee on multiple computers with library on network storage.
« on: September 16, 2015, 07:01:43 AM »
I've just added a Lenovo EMC network storage device to my home network. I currently have MB set up individually on 2 PC's, I copy music file library and MB settings from one PC to another each time I add files and make changes to playlists, so MB on PC2 is always the same as PC1. What I would like to do is have my music file folder on the network storage, accessed by MB from both existing PC's, plus another HTPC that currently uses WMC for playing music. I could probably work out how to do this from scratch, but I don't want lose the 16 playlists I have. I assume that once it's setup, MB would recognize any new files that were added to the library on the network storage, but I would still have to copy MB playlist files to PC's 2 and 3 from PC 1, PC 1 being the one that I use to add files to the music library folder and MB playlists.

Questions / Using MusicBee on multiple computers
« on: March 23, 2014, 06:06:39 AM »
I've just spent the whole weekend trying to get MB set up on a second PC, it's my second attempt to get this working. I have a small windows 7 home network running 3 PC,s, plus a Media center and a laptop. It was working fine on 1st PC. Gave up previously on trying to use network music file folder for both PC's, kept doubling up on some files and missing artwork on others. Finally went through entire library in MB and corrected everything back to where it was before I started. Then decided to try setting MB up completely independent on 2nd PC.
Followed instructions for backing up and restoring to second PC. Also instructions for copying necessary files from 1st PC after installing MB and prior to running it for first time.  I reckon I've installed and uninstalled MB on second PC half a dozen times trying to get it right. Where I'm at now is 2nd PC had same amount of files listed as on 1st PC, 4285. After leaving it for half an hour, it went up to 4343, so I ran manage duplicates, not that I noticed any, but anyway now have 4280 files. Some artwork is missing and some files have blue exclamation mark.
As far as my 15 playlists go, they all have the correct amount of files listed, but half the artwork is missing, and every files has a blue exclamation mark next to it. My music file folder is in exactly the same place on each PC, my library settings are exactly the same in each copy of MB. I can't figure out what is causing this, or what I maybe doing wrong, I've read MusicBee Wiki instructions and searched through the forum over and over. I can manually go through the library on 2nd PC and correct missing file links, but I don't know what to do about playlists. The funny thing is that I had playlists correct when I started this a few weeks ago using network folders. I'm continually adding files to my library through my main PC, but play music through 2nd PC connected to amp. I also take my laptop away and use it to play music. I also want to install MB on my media center PC and run through 65" plasma. Windows media player is not a patch on MB, but I didn't have any problems networking my music folder. Surely someone out there has done what I'm trying to do?
Sorry about the long post but the more I explain hopefully the more someone can help.

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