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the issue might be with an associated file rather than the music file itself
This should stop the database corruption, but there is something going wrong while a new file is loaded, so could send me the startup error message "error loading associated files..." the next with the filename and activity message that appears after the error message
unzip and replace the existing musicbee application files

After further testing, it seems to definitely be a problem with Windows's file path limit. I reorganized my library removing
 - "$Left(<Album>,25)"
from my library organization string, and whatever was being problematic was knocked down below that limit, and everything would save/load into the database after a reorganization,
Not sure why this really is a problem.

Because that fixed the issue (without the 35 patched version,) I'd suggest adding a setting somewhere to clip file names over the file path that doesn't rely on regex, or find a way to release the file path limit if possible. I also wasn't able to get the errors after this because I cleared my log. If this occurs again (since what I did was a temporary fix,) I'll get logs again.

I would also mention that I have ran into this issue multiple times before and just had to adjust my naming string to fix it and make it shorter, so it's reproducible if you just somehow get the file to have a full path over (i think? I don't know the exact number) 255 or like 258 characters on Windows using auto organize (or potentially from any source.) May be a sort of limitation on the programming language(s). You can use my string and make the tagging information really long to try and test this, scan the file in, close, and open it and it'll be corrupt. I am using the latest version of MusicBee at time of writing as well.

I recently been getting an error every time I open MusicBee where my database is detected as corrupt and the previous version of it loads in. If I scan my library, let it complete, and reopen MusicBee again, the same thing occurs. I do use an automatic naming scheme that already has a method of keeping character limits under 250, as I'm using MusicBee on Windows.

error loading associated files: Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds.
I'm not sure if this has anything to do with the below error which is taken when I opened MusicBee:

M:\Music\D\David Bowie\[1977] Heroes\David Bowie - Heroes - 1 04 - Sons Of The Silent Age [Remastered].mp3
4/3/2024 9:29:18 PM - error loading associated files: Destination array was not long enough. Check destIndex and length, and the array's lower bounds.
I'm not sure if that has anything to do with when I open back up, which gives me the following error:
4/3/2024 9:56:57 PM - folder monitor failed: The system cannot find the path specified.
M:\Music\H\Hanz Zimmer\[2005] Madagascar OST\James Dooley - Madagascar OST - 1 B\Brad Paisley\[2016] Christmas Country\05 - B. J. Thomas.mp3
4/3/2024 11:17:33 PM - 10.0.22631.0 - 3.5.8698.34385P - System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
   at #=zrHxbKbKSSpgwvOQhk_k8Zbo=.#=zxPBnrelWvE7V(List`1 #=z7WyInvQ=)
   at #=zrHxbKbKSSpgwvOQhk_k8Zbo=.#=zW1HsXew7kBgN(List`1 #=z7WyInvQ=)
   at #=z$GDSv8hRlR$A95YRQDlYw74=.#=zRA38$x7htNRg.#=zZwrqXpNiyW6Y(BinaryWriter #=zoUxKRE4=, #=zrHxbKbKSSpgwvOQhk_k8Zbo= #=z_LPN_w8=)
   at #=z$GDSv8hRlR$A95YRQDlYw74=.#=zRA38$x7htNRg.#=zIDwjypc=(BinaryWriter #=zoUxKRE4=, #=zrHxbKbKSSpgwvOQhk_k8Zbo= #=z_LPN_w8=)
   at #=z$GDSv8hRlR$A95YRQDlYw74=.#=zRA38$x7htNRg.#=zKlxbhhiaGfGf(FileStream #=zpiz4leQ=)
   at #=z$GDSv8hRlR$A95YRQDlYw74=.#=zpaF8N$qd5sup.#=zW2MXBI0vtY$V(Boolean #=zFrVSS_N3wLHid$BdrA==)
   at #=z$GDSv8hRlR$A95YRQDlYw74=.#=zpaF8N$qd5sup.#=zR$pFUbcqH880()
   at #=zLOCqjAQb_n7nGSIoJBLyEMw=.#=zsAm07HwXmz8z()
   at #=zNw1gc6dmr6WcbwzSi_PPhpuKB_Qz.#=z4MX56lI=.#=z6TdWG9I=(CloseReason #=zFs60cqA=)

4/7/2024 9:27:27 PM - 10.0.22631.0 - 3.5.8698.34385P - System.IO.InvalidDataException: Found invalid data while decoding.
   at #=z$GDSv8hRlR$A95YRQDlYw74=.#=zRA38$x7htNRg.#=znYCTaug=(FileStream #=zpiz4leQ=)
   at #=z$GDSv8hRlR$A95YRQDlYw74=.#=zpaF8N$qd5sup.#=z$LVgOh2R4clFGsn7Lw==(#=zOPAFmqxyWq4nEsXBtA== #=z1bX7GopeSWGH)

The files aren't corrupt and are perfectly playable, so this confuses me.

Here's the string I use for naming my files:
$Left($Group(<Sort Album Artist>,1)\<Sort Album Artist>\[<Year>"] "<Album>\$Left(<Artist>,20)" - "$Left(<Album>,25)" - "<Disc#>" "<Track#>" - "<Title>,258)

I have like 30k tracks so scanning my tracks I added in over and over again every time I launch MusicBee isn't too practical.

Hey, I've found that you can only set lyrics to the side panels.

Would it be possible to allow it to be dragged into a main panel?

And further, would it be possible to pick the background color of the lyrics to match the album art like the bottom bar with the play/pause/skip/time can be?

And even further, would it be possible to incorporate something like Spotify does to highlight the current line on the lyrics? They grab this from Musixmatch.

Here's a bit of what the spotify one looks like for reference;

I enjoy having a bigger view of my lyrics, and would like it's functionality to be expanded on a bit.

MusicBee Wishlist / Re: Reopen Closed Tab
« on: November 06, 2022, 01:22:19 AM »

Hey, I was wondering if it would be possible to take the genre tags and automatically resort them alphabetically and write the tags (in mass) as so.

This would be overwhelmingly useful to remove duplicate genre tags that are directly next to eachother in MP3Tag and help keep genres, in general, really clean. This feature kind of already exists in mp3tag to remove duplicates, but alphabetization is impossible.

Can musicbee allow the automatic alphabetization of genres and potentially other tags, like artist?

+1 on this. I am used to hitting x on spotify to minimize and hitting x on musicbee just closes it. I always accidentally close musicbee by habit and it's a huge annoyance. If I want to close musicbee, I would just right click the taskbar icon and close it from there.

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