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Questions / Re: Podcast Issues
« on: December 25, 2021, 07:19:44 AM »
Hmmm ... I thought I posted something just before frankz did, but I don't see it.

In MB, right-click on one of the subscriptions > Edit. Is "override default folder for downloaded podcast files" enabled? If so, are the files going there?

Have you done what I suggested in reply number three?

Im not seeing an "override" option when i right click and hit edit. i do see a 'location' under the properties tab of edit, and that is set to the correct location, and they are, in fact, there, but they havent been moved from the hd location, they are just no longer under "podcasts" in MB, and instead are under music, listed by the random "album artist" names each episode has, so going through and moving them is not something i have done yet.

i did move a few, mainly to see if they are going to do the same thing in a week or two. im not into the idea of doing all the work, if its just going to happen again. Am thinking the best course of action is going to be to move them, until MB says "they're not there anymore, want us to remove em?" and then ill move em back, and drag and drop em back into podcasts and re-set up the subscription and podcast specific settings.

Questions / Re: Podcast Issues
« on: December 23, 2021, 10:43:36 PM »
about the only thing i saw mentioned when searching, would be a power outage a week or so back, but that was referencing the corruption of the subscriptions.dat, which i cant see being the cause of this. i dont have automatic monitoring on, and any organization is done manually after i add something new and edit its meta data. Other then messing with the layout, once i set it up i left it as is just to see if i wanted to stay with it, before digging in too deep.

okay tho, thank you. Ill go back through and send em all back/resub/whatever and see what happens.

Questions / Re: Podcast Issues
« on: December 23, 2021, 09:50:22 PM »
right, i get that, but why did it happen in the first place? am i going to have to go through my music once a month (roughly how long it was working before this happened), and send all the podcasts back to the podcasts section?  This would be a pain, as they are never labeled correctly, and i basically have to go through 2tb of music, and determine what "album artists" are actually podcasts. Not something i want to do every month.

edit: typo

Questions / Podcast Issues
« on: December 23, 2021, 06:33:18 PM »
So i've moved to musicbee from mediamonkey (to have better single file flac support), and am starting to get frustrated. decided to ask for help, since my searching is coming up with unresolved forum chains.

I set everything up, and made sure i deleted my old podcasts and just had MB redownload all my subscriptions to try and avoid issues. everything was working fine, music under music, podcasts subscribed and downloading, under podcasts. Now, i havent listened to any podcasts in a while, but today, i went to put one on, and they are gone. zero podcasts under podcasts in MB. They are all still in the folder i had them in (i have music, audiobooks and podcasts organized into different folders). Also, i opened the "subscriptions.dat" file in my podcast directory, and all the podcasts still seem to be in that file.

It appears, my podcasts are now listed under 'Music' in MB (tho i have been unable to locate them there on my actual hard drive. The reorganize field under preferences>library is setup to a sub directory of my music folder. Any attempt to change this back to where my podcasts are, results in "completed with errors" message "2021-12-23 10:16:51 AM - 10.0.19043.0 - 3.4.7805.33439D - System.IO.IOException: The file exists." I dont know what file it thinks its moving, cus there is nothing in that subdirectory, other then ANOTHER subscriptions.dat file.

Its almost like it has just merged my podcasts into my music sections on MB, not on the hard drives, just in the music section of MB and emptied the podcast section. I can only imagine this means MB is NOT maintaining episodes (and if it was, would download to my music folder), and will shuffle to a podcast if i set music to shuffle.

Running MB v3.4.7805. any help with this would be most appreciated. this headache is verging on deal breaker for me.

Questions / Artwork Naming/Displaying
« on: November 25, 2021, 09:23:56 PM »
So i'm new to MB as of this week, potentially leaving mediamonkey 4 (due to misc issues i have with it). Ive been running into a few transitional pains i am trying to work through. This particular one is eluding me, and i cant seem to find an answer...

So, in each of my albums (Root>Music>Album Artist>Album), i have a folder named "Artwork". Inside, i have all the artwork specifically named (01 Front.jpg, 02 Back.jpg, 03 Booklet 01.jpg, 04 Booklet 02.jpg, 05 CD.jpg, etc. - cus im a little OCD). Im really struggling to get my artwork to display (instead most albums have a "no cover art" image).

After searching forums and google for a resolution to this on my own, all i could find was directions to go to preferences>tags (1)>artwork, click on 'edit list' and then "arrange how i want it". Looking at this list, i have no option to enter my own naming scheme, so the most logical option is "<Filename>.*" which i would guess would just grab the first file alphabetically (which would be perfect as it would be 01 Front.jpg) to display. However, this is not the case.

After trying to place every option at the top of that list, my artwork still fails to show up. I have gotten it to appear, by going into into an album, and making a copy of "01 Front.jpg" and renaming it "Front.jpg", or by right-clicking each album and manually navigating too, and selecting the desired cover image. Both of these seem unnecessary and/or redundant. Frankly, going through 2tb of flac albums to do this is WAY more work then it should take.

Am i missing something? Only reason i can think <filename> did not work is due to the multiple files in the folder, and instead of defaulting alphabetically it just decides not to use any of em. This wouldnt make sense though, provided MB is in fact capable of multiple artwork images per album, and not just limited to a single image per album.

Edit: There IS a *.* option, which sort of works. However, in the image select drop down, it names them all as "Image 1: Album Cover, Image 2: Album Cover, etc." instead of using their names.

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