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So i download a flac song.
I play it in musicbee out of my download folder, theres a picture, its artist name album etc is all perfect its all fine.

I move the file to another folder...... it all goes. blank image. nothing.

I have tried rescanning library etc. downloads folder is not even a part of my library.

why does musicbee decide to no longer give metadata if its not in downloads folder???

also right click > autotag by track has never worked for me. i click proceed on the identify and update tags and it usually just instantly closes the dialogue. this is just how thats always been idk if thats related.

Portable Devices / WifiSync at the same time as on the fly conversion?
« on: September 14, 2021, 10:33:49 PM »
WifiSync at the same time as on the fly conversion?

Is this possible? I wanna wifisync but i want it to turn my flac into mp3.


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