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Is there any way to do something like this in the Music Library section (not Music Explorer)?  Is there any way to create a virtual tag that depends on the currently active artist? I would like to create a virtual tag that compares the album artist with the currently active artist that is selected. Is this possible?  Thanks!

All of this is great info and I almost have my music arranged in the way I want it.  

But, is there a way to create a virtual tag that outputs something different depending on the artist we're viewing?  I want a grouping called "Guest Starring".  So if I have a track by Dr. Dre featuring Snoop Dogg, I want that track to appear in both Dr. Dre's and Snoop Dogg's section (that's easy - artist tag allows multiple entries for artists).  BUT, if I'm browsing in 'Dr. Dre', I would like that to show up in the 'LPs' grouping.  But if I'm browsing the artist 'Snoop Dog', is there a way to group that in the 'Guest Starring' grouping?   Currently, that track shows up in the 'LP' section for both artists. Is there any way to do this?
Thank you!!

Another example would be:  If I wanted John Lennon's solo albums to show up under The Beatles.  If I have 'The Beatles' selected in the left main manel, it would be nice if those albums show up in a section called 'Post Beatles'.  If 'John Lennon' is selected as the artist in the left main panel, it is grouped by 'LPs'.

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