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Questions / How to play entire album
« on: August 30, 2020, 11:35:33 PM »

I would like to know how how for MusicBee to play an entire album by just selecting the first one (01 song of the album) and player will continue to play rest of the songs until the end of the album.

Now, the only way is I need clic play on the first one and select all the other songs (one by one) for play next queue.


Questions / Library management
« on: August 30, 2020, 09:14:49 PM »
Hi everyone. I'm new to MusicBee and I love it !!!! Thanks to the community who made this possible.

Quick question : y default, MusicBee locate the library to : C:\Users\Music ... All my music is stored on an external drive 'F' ... I did modify MusicBee to point to the "F" drive for all my music (library). Now, if I'm adding music file to MusicBee, it plce the files to the "C" Music folder instead to my music folder librairy, located on my "F" drive. To correct this, I manually place new files music to the "F" drive music folder (librairy) and then adding them with MusicBee (add files to librairy) to be sure that they will stay to my "F" drive.

I would like Musicbee to place the new music files to the right folder artist in my "F" drive (just like iTunes) instead ton he "C" drive.

Now, I know, in the preferences settings (librairy), there is a "auto-organise media files" check box. Is this where I need to configure my issue ?... Or where should I configure or how (better way) ?

Thank you all !!!  8)


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