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Thank you very much Steven!
As I feared a big part of the problem was indeed me being thick...MB was scanning a folder that I didn't think it would scan, containing some new stuff I hadn't checked over yet. I feel very stupid. Thanks again very much for your help.

Questions / MB is showing many genres for my collection that I don't use
« on: January 23, 2021, 11:12:12 PM »
Hello Folks - I have done a lot of reading in the forums today for some help on this. I am VERY sorry if it is asked/answered already and I missed it. Also If I am just being really thick. My issue is just as stated in the title - I have all sorts of genres listed in MB that I do not tag my music with. I mostly use Tagscanner on all my new music files to get them tagged the way I want. I only use a dozen or so different genres, trying to keep things simple. When I look for the music that I happen to feel like listening to at that time I usually do so by genre so that is why this is sort of important to me. I'm hoping it is something simple in preferences that I am missing, but I'm fearing that there are somehow other tags existing in the tracks that I am not aware of, perhaps existing in another format (ID3v2,3 Ape etc) that Tagscanner does not see when I am doing my editing?

I appreciate any help very very much.

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