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vincent kars

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Also I believe iTunes doesn't support flac
It doesn't .
Much to my surprise Win10 does.

For my iTunes and WMP are alike, targeted at the masses so keep it simple and even then Dunning-Kruger complains that it is to complex.
Hence I surprised they decide to support this tags.
I do hope it does generated some traction. Apple is a big player in audio so the copy cats might simply follow.


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I havent forgotten about this but given my work is very busy at the moment and probably January as well, it might be some time before i can get into this. I havent really read the posts in detail but my general sense is this is still not really closed out in terms of a clear set of requirements.
Keep in mind i'm not really into classical music so i dont really appreciate the issues that people have with managing this type of music to make an informed decision when people dont agree

this is what iTunes has:

I feel good, to begin with. You can manage separately classical music as Mediamonkey, with specific tags (collections)?
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One thing that has come up for me (not just with classical, but it's particularly relevant there) is that for FLAC, file taggers like Picard write the performers and their roles into a PERFORMER tag which is automatically imported into MusicBee's multiple artists splitter.  But for ID3 tags they go into the TMCL and/or IPLS frames, which have to be configured as custom tags.  I think Performer should use TMCL for ID3.

Another thought I had was to have a "classical" flag in the settings page of the tag editor which would have effects like:

*including "composer" in the split Artists lists (like in column browser)

*different multiple artist splitter fields: orchestra, ensemble, soloist (including the ability to specify voice/instrument, which would dovetail with TMCL tags), chorus, choirmaster, etc.  For those who like to include ALL the performers, this would cut way down on the need for custom tags.

*turning grouping (in the tag editor) into a special composition field (I've been using grouping for composition already, but there are times when that conflicts, like when a classical CD has a disc title that I want to include - it would be better to have a TXXX/Composition in my opinion)

*showing extra date fields for date of composition and/or date of performance (ID3 does have a recording dates frame)

You've already done a great job of supporting linked tracks for playback, but the ability to automatically play all pieces of a composition from the same album/artist at the same time would be even more awesome.  The ability to see WHICH tracks are linked for playback would also be super helpful (maybe showing a list of all the tracks linked in the settings pane of the tag editor)

+1 for pretty much all that's proposed/requested here.


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I have started looking at this, starting with the iTunes classical fields. One thing to be aware of is for reasons only known to the iTunes developers, for MP3 files, they put the Work name into the ID3 grouping tag (TIT1) which MB is already using for the "Grouping" field. For M4A files, they have created a separate tag.
Also for MP3 files, for some reason they dont save a tag for "Show Movement".
The approach I am taking is to maintain consistency with Mp3Tag, ie. new dedicated tags: TXXX/WORK and TXXX/SHOWMOVEMENT for Mp3 files, so that means anyone using iTunes, the tagging wont carry across.
For M4A the tagging will be completely consistent with mp3Tag and iTunes.
I should have this aspect of classical music support done today