Author Topic: Additional Artist roles in splitter window  (Read 1992 times)


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The Artist splitter window allows the definition of individual artist roles (artist, performer, guest artist, remixer).

I believe ID3v2.3 tags also allow the definition of additional roles like Conductor and Band/Orchestra.

It would be useful if the role drop down list included these additional roles.



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I need this function too.

In my OWN dictionary, performer includes every people and group who are making sound.
Simply, performers are superset of {singers, instrumental players, choirs, ensembles, conductor}.

I'm using ARTIST field to represent singers and instrumental players, CHOIR, ENSEMBLE, and CONDUCTOR for others.

Like above, classification of artists may be differ from one people to another.
It would be useful if I can customize the role drop down list (in addition, if I can use custom tags)

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