Author Topic: Update encoding parameters in File Converter preferences  (Read 2518 times)


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In the encoder preferences there is portable device and file archiving options in the parameters but both have -i - -acodec alac [outputfile] set.
The files come converted as large files (like flacs) so I assume only the  file archiving option is set. What parameters do I need for portable device encoding?


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Thanks for pointing that out.  I think File Converter parameters will be revised before final MB version is released.

If you want to use lossyWAV 1.3, you have to update the parameters as well. See this topic for details:


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Unfortunately, not every lossless codec can benefit from lossyWav as preprocessor, for instance ALAC and MonkeyAudio.
LossyWav is proven to give good results in conjunction with Flack, WavPack, Tac and WMALSL.
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