Author Topic: Auto DJ: Additional looser setting or autoseed when no matching tracks are found  (Read 1853 times)


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My problem:
Some tracks don't have matching songs, according to Auto DJ. Which turns Auto DJ into a one song loop.

I prefer to run it at around 22% rated similarity for Last FM which gives me excellent drift and similarity, so I don't want to change that.

My proposed solution:
When Auto DJ fails to return matches, have it loosen the criteria until it does find 1 song and then go back to the user criteria for the new song.
For instance it could lower the threshold for similarity incrementally with 2% until it does find 1 song. Using just one song would save resources, plus you only need one song to get it going again. Or it could randomly choose a song from the same genre after a few iterations.

If this could be done that would be so awesome :)


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I'll add that it would be nice if auto-dj could start streaming without any tracks in the library.  Once it gets going it's fine, but you can't start it unless you have tracks available.
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