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Hello Music lovers !

I realized i didn't talk about my project here, on the MusicBee forum.
Well... i did a little on this topic, but since that, i worked on it and shared it online !

The purpose of this giant map, is to display an exhaustive list of musical genres, connected by their musical / sounding similarities. Not by their historical, ethnical, lyrical themes or visual specificities.
It should allow the user to discover unknown or badly-known musical genres, that are close from what he/she uses to listen to.
It also provides informations and sound samples for every genres (still working on it).

Please, see the FaQ and the "About Page" for more informations about "why ?", "how ?", and "what ?".

Since i put it online, i've had some feedbacks from a few peoples. They were quite positive, except for the ergonomics, which i worked on these last days.
I made some changes that will be implemented to all the genres of the constellation, time after time.
Here is a preview of the last changes:

It's a solo project that will take me some time to achieve properly, with my technical limitations.
Now that i worked on some ergonomic weaknesses, i have to make the changes for all the constellation, and adjust genres localisations and connexions on the go.

So let me know what you think about this project, and the things you found good or bad.
Later i'll check to make a search engine, but i guess it will be quite hard for me, so it will be much later ^^

If you're interested to follow the evolution of this project, i put updates notes regularly on my Blog (in french), and on my Facebook Page and Twitter (in english).

And all apologies for my english by the way, it's not my first language ;)


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That's really awesome!  I don't have time to dig into it right now, but I will as soon as I can.
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Thank you scampbll :)
Just keep in mind that it's a "work in progress" when you'll use it !


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I benefited a lot from this website, I must say that I have a good idea and many people would have been as well.


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Thanks !
I'm working on a new version, it won't be based on musical similarities anymore.
The connections will be more historical and logical, i am currently working on origins of the music, prehistorical music, and thus ancient folk music.

There is a LOT of genres to implement with world music, so many that i still need to select things to not implement.
Maybe next version will be in HTML 5, but i have never worked with this language ^^