Author Topic: Global Tags (And the ability to save to them with a function)  (Read 339 times)


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So, we have Virtual Tags, which are great! But what about Global Tags?

Essentially, a tag that will be the same across all songs (similar to Virtual Tags) BUT with the feature that you can save values to them through the use of a dedicated function.

Here's how this could look:
"Global Tag 1" is set to be a number.
The function $Save(parameter,<Global Tag>) can then be used in template editor to save a value to a global tag.

This would allow a large number of currently impossible feats. Like for example, you could have an incrementing value each time something is played?

Initial value set in the tag menu
<Global Tag 1> = 0  Type set to Number

Template editor function (Uses functions from Additional Tagging & Reporting Tools):
$If(<Artist>=X,$Save($Add(<Global Tag 1>,<Global Tag 1>),<Global Tag 1>)
This would effectively be a integer++ function in MusicBee! This would tick up the count every time artist X is played. This could of course have a whole host of other potential uses if implemented correctly.

However, main problem I see currently would be how to deal with if you have multiple locations writing to the same tag, like if you made the mistake of having the main player template editor AND the track information pane, or even two locations on track information writing to the tag at the same time. I'm not sure how to deal with this. Also, ensuring the function is only ran once per track would be tricky.

That being said, I think the benefits would far outweigh the troubles!