Author Topic: "Last skipped" date?  (Read 2831 times)


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Would it be possible to have a field with a "last skipped" date for songs?

 I used to have a number of intelligent play lists combining rules relying on "last played" and "last skipped" dates. In Music Bee it's only possible to incorporate the total skip count in that. I tend to be not in the mood for a certain song for some time, but later maybe I'll love to listen to it again. So it'd be great to see when I last skipped a song and be able to program a playlist accordingly.

(The possibility to set your own values regarding what counts as skipped is great, btw! That was something that really bugged me in iTunes.)

Gary Cooter

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I had the same request!

Musicbee kick ass BTW.

YNFTBA (you never forget to be awesome)