Author Topic: Any idea why Rescan won't import my M3U playlists?  (Read 8862 times)


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I would suggest you report this as bug. I just tested, and MB imports m3u playlists by drag & drop without any problem (one by one though, multiple selection doesn't work) and converts it to mbp format, but if I use rescan command it only imports m3u playlists to the playlist folder without converting nor showing them under playlist node even after restart.


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Thank you! I didn't even have time to report the bug yet!   :D


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Sorry for the delay in responding to this. 

I just added the patch and it seemed to fix it.....  the first time I tried, but it did not work any of the following times I tried.   :( ???

I applied the patch, added some playlists to the playlists folder, MB found them and added them.  I closed MB, tried the process again and it won't find or import the m3u files - even when I press "Rescan/Add Files"


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Did this get conclusively fixed?

It appears fixed on V3.2.6827 i.e. what's now named thus:

imports playlists when that checkbox is checkmarked.