Author Topic: tagging playlist order into custom tags  (Read 1649 times)


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This is a suggestion to allow the command 'Tools >> Tagging Tools >> Renumber Tracks' to optionally write the new track numbers into a different tag that the user chooses (especially a custom tag).

Basically, one might want to do this do create a personalized track order without changing the canonical track numbers that come from the album.  This is a purpose similiar to what playlists provide, but using tags to order tracks instead of a playlist is more flexible (the tags work in every playlist you put the album into) and more robust (the tags travel with the file wherever it goes, while a playlist will break when files and folders move).  I also posted about using this capability for a more specialized purpose here:


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Probably I can add this option to 'Copy tag' command of this plugin to copy displayed sequence number pseudo-tag to custom tag. This should work not only with playlists, but with any currently displayed list of tracks (maybe filtered content of library for example).