Author Topic: Right-click an artist and search for upcoming releases and concerts  (Read 3906 times)


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In the right click menu, an extra item can be added in the 'search' sub-menu to search for the artist's latest release or upcoming concerts. Just a suggestion.


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I remember this being the best plugin that SongBird had and the reason I used it for so long (a few months) so

I've recently joined -
Feel free to add me if you wish :)

EAC V1.0 beta 3 can be downloaded here
And a full guide on setting it up and ripping a CD can be here


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improvement suggestion: show it automatically alongside with "Upcoming releases" and "upcoming concerts" in "services" panel.
could be named "now playing artist upcoming concerts" and it would show all cities not just the one defined in "upcoming concerts".


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+1 and a further suggestion for new releases. on the the day or next time you start musicbee after that day that an artist in your library's new album is released how about having a popup reminder displayed.