Author Topic: If you like green, LOTS of nice, calming, relaxing green...  (Read 8180 times)

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.. well, you can download "Darker Grass" from my website to try. (Click here to download!)

 It doesn't do anything fancy, but it works the way I like. Green works really well with older eyes (I'm nearly 50!), and it seems to work well in all sorts of lighting conditions too, unlike blacks and whites.

This is actually tuned for a dual-monitor display, since that's the only setup I use (playlist and lyrics are on the leftmost monitor, the screenshot includes just the primary display). If anyone asks, I'll be happy to rearrange to suit a single display, of course!

Er... As I'm an audio engineer, I like to keep an eye on the relative album and track levels, that's why that's so important in the main list window.

And, since I have many, many hundreds of individual artists, I need to keep managing album and track artists separately. That's why the middle selector list is there at the top, it's not because I'm completely stupid and just duplicated the filter!  ;D

If anyone has suggestions for alternative colours, I'd be more than happy to work with you to try stuff out.

The blue and teal just looks purty to me, and clearly shows where the main menu is without standing out too much.

Thanks fer looking! Hope it makes someone happy.

Oh, yeah, this is my very first attempt, at a skin, a splash screen, and uploading it for other folks, so if I've buggered anything up, or if I can do something better, feel free to let me know, I'm happy to learn learn learn!


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could you post a direct link to the download in your post...  thanks!

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Simon, the link is there, it just doesn't show up for some reason. Hover over "from my website"... I'll add a separate "Click Me" section!


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Nice work on the wiki, thanks!
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