Author Topic: Embeded TheatreMode panel  (Read 29901 times)


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Steven, if it isn't much work could be possible adding support for basic expressions for height too? I would like to dinamically adjust the SoundGraph for only seeing the top half of it adjusted to the height of the panel

<!-- WaveBar -->
<autoHide name="#WavebarPanel" allowPinning="true" >
<element type="SoundGraph"
xAnchor="AlbumCover.Right" x="10" y="16"
widthDock="X:ArtistPicture.Left" width="-2" height="Panel.Height+Panel.Height-32"
bg="TrackAndArtistPanel(8)" fg="TrackAndArtistPanel(16)"

Here an example of what i would like to draw:

Edit: post title changed to  "Embedded TheaterMode panel" for searching in forum purposes