Author Topic: Theatermode as a TAB in the top bar?  (Read 2805 times)


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+5 With normal player controls bar or not. I asked for that sometime ago but i don't find where and Steven replied about duplicity with the player controls, maybe it's difficult making it to hide based in the actual tab.

Currently i feel it inconsistent, like a different external software, with different player controls and buttons. Closing it closes the full MB instead of coming back to the main window.
The visualizers show in a frame very well and some of them also have hotkeys commands for reproduction.

2)With this and with real scaling for eliminating the fragmentation of screen/window sizes it would definitely improve a LOT.
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+1 for Theater Mode as tab. 

-1 for a normal player control bar.  I like that the player controls auto hide after a moment of mouse non activity.  Makes for cleaner Theater Mode screens.


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Sweet idea

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EAC V1.0 beta 3 can be downloaded here
And a full guide on setting it up and ripping a CD can be here


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I can't really see that much difference to pressing a toolbar button for "Theater Mode" and hitting "Esc" to go back to the main MB UI, than to have it put in a tab. Unless I'm missing something, that seems a lot of work for Steven, for no real improvement.
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I'm sure this has been discussed before and I think the outcome was more or less what Bee-liever said. I believe that Steven also didn't see the point of it (although I could be wrong on both counts).


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Found it, it's here:

EDIT 130113: Now is possible having TM in a tab using the Playing track tab, for more info go to
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