Author Topic: Wish MB Stored Metadata At Beginning Of Ripped File Like WMP vs. End Of File  (Read 1501 times)


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I rip exclusively wav files.  WMP stores the metadata for wav files at the beginning of the file so that the tags for artist, album, song, length, and genre will show in the Windows folder.  My wishlist is that MusicBee saved the data the same way instead of at the end because the tags do not show in the folders when I rip using MusicBee.

Here is the thread in which I originally posed a question on this topic along with screenshots and my wishlist is based upon the answers received there.;topicseen#new

Thanks...otherwise, I love MB but I can't use it for ripping due to the above issue!

Update:  At the suggestion of another forum member, I tried a trial of DBPoweramp and was able to replicate the tags in the Windows folder so it must store the metadata like WMP does (so I assume that DBPoweramp saves the data at the beginning of the file too).

Would it be possible to at least have an option to store the data at the beginning of the file like WMP and DBPoweramp do?  
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