Author Topic: "Track and artist at the bottom" \ "Playing track details" tab as a theater mode  (Read 3679 times)


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Since the beginning of the tabs on top, i have been trying using MB the same way than a browser, so use the left panel like a autohide menu for bookmarks, and now playing list as a tab. Using the Track and artist in the Now playing tab as a status bar.

Now the track and artist at the bottom is more complex and nicer in many cases, but very difficult to fit our different configs like the one i use. It would be very welcome something more configurable.  Here an actual capture of my config:

And [Here] a image showing how it was before. I miss having a big current artwork and disabling lyrics panel as i use minilyrics. So i thought a better step for improving this tab could be loading a theater mode specially designed for this panel.

We could do a lot of nice details tabs with it, for example one showing a full width wave bar or spectrum with some tags or properties of our interest. Or a big artwork at the left, and a photo of the artist at the right with a small biography. A LOT of different customizable possibilities

Any thoughts? Problems, incompatibilities, etc
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