Author Topic: New Awesome Layout with an option to show/hide albums/artists  (Read 4965 times)


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Hello everybody, I've tried lots of music players, like winamp, foobar, mediamonkey, clementine.. etc, and I can say MusicBee is one of the best and my favorite already.

Now there are 2 features that I've seen in other players and i would like them implemented even better in MusicBee.

1. First one is another skin with a small album artwork above each album in the main playlist and the option to show/hide albums. Something similar to this:

2. Second one is the option to browse the MusicBee library for music too, not only the Computer, (similar to Clementine) with the option to add/remove songs from your playlist directly from your library. Like to have a check-box next to every artist/album/song in the library and if we select/unselect that check-box to show/hide that artist/album/song in main playlist. Also if we double-click a an artist/album/song in the library to jump directly to that artist/album/song in the playlist.

Sorry for my bad English but i hope you will like my idea. This will make make MusicBee an awesome music organizer and much more easy to browse thru hundreds of albums and thousands of songs.  ::)
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In short, an layout like "Album and Tracks" in Compact mode for Main player too, with the option to show/hide tracks.

And when opening Library Explorer and double-click an artist/album to jump to that artist/album in main playlist not to replace the entire playlist with that artist/album (sorry didn't noticed library explorer until today, it was hidden too well  :D )

This config would be perfect for me.  ::)