Author Topic: displaying of previous tracks  (Read 6527 times)


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You can get upcoming tracks displaying by using  id="Tracks[1]", id="Tracks[2]" etc.
I would like to display (only one or two) previous tracks also.

So it would be nice if that could be done by e.g. having negative values working also:
id="Tracks[-1]", id="Tracks[-2]"

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Yes, please!

Would it be possible to get the previous tracks' album covers?


...and so on.


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It would be wonderful to also display the last plated tune in the Theater Mode display. 


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That answers the question I was about to ask.

I was trying to figure out how I could display the next five tracks as well as the previous five played tracks. At least I've not missed the obvious.

If it isn't cheeky to ask, I too would appreciate this feature.