Author Topic: Modified Dark-Fine Tuned Skin - “Default Orange”  (Read 5618 times)


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I've been tweaking a new Dark-Fine Tuned skin for a while to get a little higher contrast and thought I would share it:

Redwing gets all the credit here. I'm just contributing some changes I really like. He and his skins are AMAZING!

His thread is here.

This is intended to compliment and work with his skin themes, NOT replace it.

Click the image for a larger preview.

  • Vibrant colors commonly used in players (in the middle between Burnt Orange and Orange)
  • Higher background contrast alternating rows in lists
  • Selected tracks use bright colors that stand out
  • Inactive selected items also stand out with color
  • Stayed within Dark-Fine Tuned framework only adding two additional lines (15 and 16)

Download and save the file to:

C:\Program Files (x86)\MusicBee\Skins\Dark-Fine Tuned\

Download locations:
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I'm interested in this modified version but it is too bad you pick both bad image host and file host. It both dead.
Relative artworks location.