Author Topic: streams no longer supported  (Read 2342 times)


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  • Posts: 32732 is removing support for all radio streams hosted on their servers, even for premium subscribers.

As such I will remove all support for radio streams from musicbee. The auto-DJ already supports a couple of other stream sources, so i recommend you choose one of those if you use the streaming feature


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How about or Spotify or Slacker or Songza or Rdio? None have a recommendation engine like that's based on scrobbling, which sucks. Spotify I guess is the closest. I hope they buy Currently, you can still access recommendations from via <>. It opens a link to youtube. This works for Canada or US. Regardless it doesn't matter since you can use a vpn to get US IP if needed. I was wondering if we could modify the plugin on MB to extract the youtube link from via html and then play the audio from the youtube link so that you can still stream recommendations from
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