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Hello :)

First, sorry if my english is not that good, it's not my first language.

So, i am an eclectic music listener, and i have 13k+ songs, in my library, spead in 15 Genre Categories, them even spread in 127 sub-Genres.
Most of the time i like to shuffle through all of my library, and currently, with MusicBee, i shuffle with "Same artist regularily" option.

This allows to not have brutal genre changings too often.
But despite this, moving from Rammstein to ABBA still can happen (for example).

So, i was wondering if it would be possible to create "Neighboring Genres Categories", and then choose to shuffle through this option ?!
It would be like the "grouping genres" option, but with the ability to tell each genre, what is its neighboring genre(s).

I have 127 different genres (not grouped genre !), i select Hip Hop, and tell it that its neighboring genres are: Old School Hip Hop; Breakbeat; Crunk; RnB
And i do this for the 126 other genres i use.
So, i take Breakbeat, and tell it its neighboring genres are: Downbeat; Trip Hop; Big Beat
Now when i will listen to a Hip Hop song, the next one will be an other Hip Hop one, or one with the neighboring kind i chose, like a Breakbeat one.
Then, when the Breakbeat one will be over, the next one will be an other Breakbeat one or, for example, a Trip Hop one.

This could allow a smooth shuffling through a massive selected playlist, smooth for the ears, for the listening.
So i could pass from industrial metal to coldwave, or black metal to death metal, and not to pop or ballad stuff brutaly :)

Now, if that kind of shuffling is already possible through another way, my very bad, cause i've never found a way to do so.
I hope everything is clear and the idea is not that bad for you :)
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could you not use the existing "Genre Category" field. You can set the genres associated with a Genre Category in the tags(2) preferences.
Then just set your filter to the "Genre Category" you want to listen to


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Hello !
Well i think you didn't understood my post.
I was talking about a system that allows to shuffle through a big song library, without jumping from a genre to a very distant other genre, like from "metal" to "pop".

But the idea is not just to listen to a genre category, like if i choose "Rock" and then it shuffles all the classic rock, emo rock, folk rock, etc. stuff.
No, with what i tried to mean, it allows you to listen to all your library by surfing smoothly between all the musical genres you have.

You could begin to listen to Blues, then to Rythm n Blues, then to Rock n Roll, then Rock, then Alternative Rock, then Garage Rock, then Punk Rock, then go back to Garage Rock, then go Grunge...
So you don't stay in oldies rythm n blues music, you can move from Genre Category to another, but with randomness and smoothness.

If you are very eclectic, all the genres can be linked to some other(s).


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Hi, sorry for bumping this post,, but due to its poor popularity, let me explain my wish in a different way ;)

Is it possible, with the current or future tools, to set the music shuffle-playing in a way that a song with genre "y" that is ending, will have to be followed by an another song with genre "x" or "z", or even "g" ?
In another words, to force some genres to be followed by some other specific genres !

I made a shitty draw as an example: so here i would like to shuffle my whole music collection, but previously i had set that a "rock" song can only be followed by a "pop rock" or an "electro rock" one.
And therefore, an "electro rock" song can only be followed by a "rock" or an "indus one. And so it goes for all the other genres, with multiple connexions possible.

I hope i made this clearer ;)
It would be a "smooth shuffling" mode, for peoples who have a lot of different genres to struggle with.