Author Topic: Map Genres to Different Genre Categories --> very time-consuming workaround  (Read 3687 times)


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Hi Steve,
Because of the restriction to map a gerne to 1 specific genre category I startet to make my own custom tag "custom_genrecategory" where i have to tag "custom_genrecategory" for every song in  my library

For example: genre "Ambient" appears now in "custom_genrecategory" in the categorys "Electronic Music" and in "Chill Out" and it works perfectly.

The Problem:

I really want this process to be automatized because it is soooooo much work. I have to tag all  my songs and If I change a genre I have to change "custom_genrecategory" by hand and with 8000+ songs it is impossible to do :(

I requested this long time ago but you replied that it would be complicated with the different mapping. But with my custom tag it works perfectly so maybe you could look at it again? :)

it would be great. I have a big music collection, mostly single songs, and its impossible for me to find them back via the artist browser (3000+ artist), so i really depend on a perfect genre organizing for finding songs back.  And as genre limits are very dynamic its hard to map the genres to just one genre-category.

I would be very happy with another automized workaround too :) Jus tan automatization pleaseeee :)

Have a nice day


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You're using the Genre Category feature backwards - you should be mapping multiple Genres to a single Genre Category, not the other way  around. More specifically, for your example you should have a Genre Category called "Ambient" which includes the genres "Electronic Music" and "Chillout".

Having said that, you could set up the tags you want quickly in Mp3Tag.

For your example you'd set the field custom_genrecategory with the format string:
$if($eql(%genre%,Ambient),Electronic Music\\Chillout,%custom_genrecategory%)
This says if the track genre is "Ambient", set your custom genre tags to "Electronic Music" and "Chillout", otherwise leave it as is.

Set up an action group with a "Format Value" action for each category you want to map.

(no warranty implied if you destroy all of your music)
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Thank you for your answer...
I think thats my personal opinion that "electronic music" is more like an genre-category than ambient music :) another example would be the genre "Future Beats" which would fit (in my opinion) in the genre category "general electronic music" aswell as in "Hip-Hop & Beats"...there are so many overlapps :)

The problem with MP3TAG is that i woul have to open the programm everytime I change some genres because not every song in my library has a genre and many songs in my library are tagged wrong :/ Also I'm importing many music everyday so it would be still very time consuming to use mp3tag...