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I realize this plugin isn't a high priority item and probably hasn't even been looked at in a very long while, but I've recently rediscovered this plugin and am having a good time using it.  Three suggestions come to mind.

1. The list of "Similar Tracks" being in columns like it is now is really not functional because the track names are mostly truncated to the point that it's impossible to know what they are.  I'd ask that Similar Tracks be one or two columns at most or at least that the entries expand in a tool tip when you hover over them so you can read them.

2. Most artists have a very brief section of their biography displayed with "read more on" at the end.  There's no way through the plugin to get to the full biography.

3. Under Similar Artists clicking on the similar artist will either bring you to that artist in your library or that artist at depending on your choice, but there's no way to do either of these things for the artist that you're actually listening to at the time (the one the page is based on).


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You can already do (3) using right click on the header bar but i have now also added click support on the artist name.
For (1) I have tweaked the handling do it uses 2 columns for each artist column
For (2) you can now click on Read more... and it will open the wiki page in your default browser


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Sorry to dig up an old topic, but I found a minor issue with this plug-in, Multiple artists

Perhaps my fault since I sometimes a track with multiple artists seperated by a semicolon (;), especially if an artist goes by their real name and stage name, or if multiple people made the song (musician + vocalist, collaborators, etc)

It seems like the plug in searches strictly for whatever string is in the Artist field, so when there are multiple artist on a track, it will search for all of that text as one search query.. It would be handy if you could choose which artist it searched for or at the very least, force it to only include a string before the first Semicolon

Below is a track by BLANKFIELD and Doragon Entertainment. To be honest, the tracks here are technically all made by BLANKFIELD and Doragon Entertainment would maybe fall under a Publisher at best, But I think this tag info was already in the tracks from the official soundtrack. I probably should just remove the second artist in the specific case, but I have many other tracks where I feel extra artists are necessary and this plug-in would fail in finding the right artist.