Author Topic: MTP device no longer detected?  (Read 6063 times)


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Out of the blue (not sure what caused it), MB is no longer detecting the presence of my MTP mp3 player (creative zen mozaic).

Windows 7 x64 detects it, I see it in WMP, and I *used* to see it in MB as well but all of a sudden it no longer shows up in MB at all! No changes to MB version, no particular updates to windows etc. that I can think of that might have caused this...

Is there some cache file or other way to 'jump start' this and make MB see this device again? I tried toggling the "detect MTP devices" setting in the prefs with no luck.

Other suggestions? Stumped....  :-\



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unless there is any errors logged (help/support/view error log) from around the time MusicBee is started or when you try to enable MTP devices then i dont have any thing further to suggest