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Hey all could someone explain to me please . i have a MF V90 DAC now if i direct sound i can enable 32bit output but if i use WASAPI mode then i can't use the 32bit my DAC says 24/96 but im sure it can perform 32bit is WASAPI mode till the best option to use thanks

vincent kars

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WASAPI talks straight to the audio device.
Hence what you send to it, must match the properties of the DAC exactly.

MF says
•   1x RCA coaxial connector SPDIF 32-192 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
•   2x TOSLINK optical connector 32-96 kbps (16-24 bit stereo PCM)
•   1x USB type ‘B’ connector - Asynchronous data stream at up to 24-bit/96kHz (Determined by source file/computer settings)

24 is the max bit depth supported by your DAC