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Will Pittenger

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1. More Auto DJ options:
   a. Prefer higher rated tracks
   b. Require minimum wait time before a specific track can be replayed
   c. Ability to smoothly switch between different playlists based on the time of the year: I keep two auto-playlists.  One lists only music with no comment.  The other lists only music with the comment set to "Christmas".  I would prefer to see Music Bee automatically switch between the two on a given date before Christmas and then switch back after Christmas.  Rather than an all or nothing approach, it would be best if Music Bee switched gradually over several weeks.

2. A button in the main window to switch to the mini-player.

3. Ability to recognize artwork files from other players.  Common formats include Folder.jpg and AlbumName.jpg.  I would include all JPG files in that folder as possibilities.
Will Pittenger


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Just to comment on 2. - you can do this from preferences/layout/command buttons: 
custom buttons can be set to appear beside the address bar
or you can set MB to minimise to the mini player from preferences/general

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1a is already supported
3 can be configured in Preferences/Tags(1)/artwork storage/ Set Retrieval Filter although i cant recall if that was in v1.4, so you might need to upgrade to v2 from the first topic on the forum